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aaaah the inner dork awakens.... when i was a kid there was only one cartoon for me... all others failed miserably... but when the title screen of the filmation studios appeared and words came... HE MAN !!! no force could separate me from my tv xD here is to those golden days
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Found this really amazing forum where all the MOTU characters are redesigned like the 2002 show with detailed bios that explain their history and lore of the world combining the overall mythology from the shows and comics.…
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Sinister!  The character designs are EPIC!  Realistic but still can see which character is which.  
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Oh wow, this is amazing work. 
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Great work! Love this :)
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Oh God - I *knew* I knew that style when I found this online without credits :dance: (No worries nobody was claiming it as their own, I was just doing a MOTU search). This is really beyond awesome :drool: 
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This has got to be the best Masters of the Universe creation if I say so myself! Fantastic job and nicely done!
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Amazing work!!
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Pure epicness!!! Great work!!!
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show !       l<O>l
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Nice one man!! I hope to someday write a parody show of He-Man; will not give any details yet, though
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That's right...they knew how to make cartoons back then...for me it was Superfriends; Challenge of the Superfriends; He Man and the Masters of the Universe (which I still watch); G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero; She Ra- Princess of Power; and Thundercats!!!!!!!!!! I love cartoons that teach kids a 'good moral lesson'!!!!!!!! They need to bring these cartoons back for a new generation of kids
you art work still look good in the 2000s.
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you ever draw the old he-man with human soft black hair afro?
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The cyborg guy looks scary.
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Damn, this is good. I love how every single character has a slightly different physique.
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And fabulous powers were revealed to He when he held aloft his mighty sword and said; "By the power of Grayskull... I HAVE THE POWAAAAAAAAAR!!!!"

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This is one of your coolest pieces, I would love to see you do a updated version of it or in the old cartoon style.
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Awesome, I forgot about this series, it wasn't too bad.
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Awesome! Brings back good memories of childhood. Big fan. :D
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