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he can still hear it's screams...

ah devour a command so  horrible that in final fantasy 8 it is censored by showing pretty flowers XDD

maybe those pictures are a depiction of squall coping with the horror XD
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Blue magic is dark art.

Should never have entered the realm of mortals...

Devour is a Guardian Force Ability, not Blue Magic, at least in this game. In this game, one merely needs to use an item to unlock new Blue Magic, not eat a creature or take an attack.

Can I have permission to dub this?

Do you think you could do a follow up piece to this that shows her standing after the last swallow with a huge lump going down her throat and a huge belly on her with him peeking out from behind the tree amazed ?

No, why would they do that fetish?

Because swallow is basically her eating her prey.

You know that also means she chews it up, right?

Yeah but you can't chew something that big when your swallowing it whole like in the picture.

It's Blue Magic. It has magic in the name. Stop trying to defend your disgusting fetish.

Also There are WAY grosser fetishes than vore. Pedophilia for example.

List more examples than straight up crimes, please.

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If it's disgusting then why does the picture say otherwise?

It's NOT implying otherwise. It's actually supporting MY argument. Squall thinks that the Teacher (forgot her name) eating the monster is gross and disgusting.

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U made me never buy FF8 from my switch EVER!

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This actually motivates me to buy FF8 Remastered.

This option is much better.
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Is it really that much worse than firing her dog out of her gun? Which is apparently also an attack she has?

Dog abuse in a video game. Shocking.

Aren't you the guy who's desperately trying to make the original artist to do vore?

I didn't TRY to make anyone do anything. The art imply he does vore.

No it doesn't. How does it imply he does vore?

Um hello? Eating something that big falls under vore.

How?! Vore is when someone gets a huge belly because they SWALLOWED something big, not EAT.

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