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he can still hear it's screams...

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ah devour a command so  horrible that in final fantasy 8 it is censored by showing pretty flowers XDD

maybe those pictures are a depiction of squall coping with the horror XD
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Blue magic is dark art.

Should never have entered the realm of mortals...

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Can I have permission to dub this?

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Do you think you could do a follow up piece to this that shows her standing after the last swallow with a huge lump going down her throat and a huge belly on her with him peeking out from behind the tree amazed ?

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U made me never buy FF8 from my switch EVER!

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This actually motivates me to buy FF8 Remastered.

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This option is much better.
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Is it really that much worse than firing her dog out of her gun? Which is apparently also an attack she has?
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Dog abuse in a video game. Shocking.

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That's Rinoa, this is Quistis.
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The fact that there are TWO characters with surprising moves(at least), makes me REALLY want to check this game out!
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Ahaha, someone referenced this comic on a BackGroundGuy02 stream and I had to investigate.

This is legendary.
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Now do a part two: she's laying on her huge belly and belching, "ahhhhh....that will hold me....hic.....for awhile....uuurp!"
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How about dont tell others what or what not do? And less that kinda of  fetish.
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Wow. I make a general comment and you think I'm telling you what to do.

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*many battles later*
Quistis: "Squall, you've done nothing but use your GFs for the last like...dozen battles. What's up?"
Squall: (internally) must forget, must forget, must forget...
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At first, Squall was worried when Irvine told him about GFs. Now he embraces it.

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If that is how it works than it is Final Fantasy's most terrifying move. :iconpaulisscaredplz:
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Her eating reminds me of NEO eating a Leo Tiger.

(Well one of NEO’S fragments anyway)
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never forget, squall...never forget.
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Well......this is.......undoubtedly messed up
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Hey, I always thought squall was a big baby anyway.
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