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harleen issue 2 work in progress

By nebezial
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i'm having a lot of fun with this book :)
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And I had such fun reading it! ;) I hope you'll consider working on a few more issues?


Holy shnikies, and I thought *I* had issues. :P More seriously, I guess its a good thing that I was never good enough a producer to get involved in the art scene- because I would probably scar y'all for life.

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One hell of a sexy Mr. Jay here. :D
I need to buy this. I already love the coveres you teased so much.
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I'm a sucker for Red and the Big Bad. Nice interpretation.

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Excellent scene. :)
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This is actually a pretty good visual representation of their relationship. 
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This out yet? Do I gotta wait?
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Just when you thought you couldnt do anything new with this fairytale!
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Now that's a good metaphor!
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That's one mad wolf.
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that idea makes a scary amount of sense 
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Careful not to get too close to a vicious dog.
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What a fascinating visual metaphor for their relationship
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When you read the Joker, whose voice do you hear?
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It's gone through phases. For the longest time, yeah, it was Hammil - hands down one of the best interpretations thus far. Ledger, though, oh my god. THAT is how I see and hear the Joker now. When I read the Killing Joke, my head hears Heath telling Bats the joke at the end - which, by the way, is such a spectacularly ambiguous ending.

Joaquin Phoenix may be the new voice soon. Will have to wait and see.

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Ledger is the only other acceptable answer to this question.

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hammil. i mean, come on... :)
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I was about to ask this because every time I read anything you draw with Joker, its Hamill's Joker I hear, but with a more evil, sinister edge.
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It has to be Hamill, Ledger or Romero! F**k Galifianakas!
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Oh. That's downright majestic.
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