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harleen issue 2 cover

issue 21 coms out in september

harleen is a 3 issue series , 64 pages per issue, oversized print size.
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Oh my. After reading Harleen I need INFINITELY more Dr. Quinzell - Jay smut............

TheRealWickedNinja's avatar

I just love this whole series! Great Artwork!

jeroenbrugman's avatar
I'm so looking forward to reading this. I really need to find time to go to the comic store.
LocustaVampa's avatar
That's not a smile's a scar! :heart:
RobDemersArt's avatar
I can't wait for this! From what I've seen in previews, you really did outstanding work. I'm going to savour every page.  
Curadh's avatar
I love how much this picture says about their dynamic.  Lots of little touches that describe them elementally.
Frybo's avatar

Georgous Stuff!

GraciousGoodSevens's avatar
Harleen looks so sweet in her glasses! Blondes with glasses are almost always pretty.

Seeing the Joker with long hair made me think of something I've been wondering. How come we never see the Joker with facial hair?
Inversioned's avatar
XD Can’t wait!
BardofDarkness's avatar
Could be just a romantic cover were it not for the evil glint in Joker's eye. Superb!
madwriter's avatar
I really like the contrast of Harley standing there, bright as if she's standing in the sun with her eyes closed and Joker behind her, half in shadow, staring like that. It's brilliant. XD
Ylianora's avatar
Oh can’t wait!
It's been pre ordered!
BadSoldier1992's avatar
i cannot wait for this to come out hot damn! Super excited to read your take on their story
Seriously, congrats dude!
jason22274's avatar
Will the art still be the black and white style of the original? I really loved it. It seemed to fit the theme and tone of the story so well. 
shiniez's avatar
nope. gonna be full color. i preferred b/w but in the end publisher wanted full color. don't worry tho, i made it work quite well :)
jason22274's avatar
Oh, I have no doubt you made it work. *grins* Can't wait to get my hands on it. 
Hergman's avatar
give me the chills
bloodmaker's avatar
its really real!!! :D,  ok I'm gonna try to find issue 1 in my local B&N. 
Chwen-Hoou's avatar
Outstanding work as always. I've pre-ordered my copies. Can't wait to get hold of them.
Jessica42's avatar
The owner of my FLCS had his pre-ordered for me before  even asked.
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