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harleen issue 1 variant cover

By nebezial
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out this september. book is written and drawn by me. 3 issue oversized series, 64 pages per issue.  60 of actual comic. 
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your take on Killer Croc... WOW.

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Well congrats on making it into the top ten for September, even if the comic turned out to be a disappointment for me.

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Aw man, did they put Harley back into a jester suit?  I never liked their tendency to put her into regular or overly-revealing clothes...What's the point of her being Harley Quinn if she doesn't look like a Harlequin?
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I always felt bad for Killer Croc. lol ...I just think if he had more caring friends he'd have become heroic, even. It's probably too late for him now ...
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If BtAS is any indication, Croc has absolutely no feelings about his appearance and is just a scumbag all on his own...Of course, BtAS never gave him half the mutations he has in the comics, so its version of Croc may not be accurate.

I know that in the New 52, he was actually Red Arrow's sponsor in AA.  I guess at least some versions of Croc have hope.
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Cool picture, really like your version of Harley
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Will be picking this up. Love the dynamic Harley framing in this cover.
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So many congratulations are in order. Great job man!!!!!

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I do like seeing Harley in her good outfit.
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Already got it ordered.
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Ooh nice work on Croc's teeth
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yeah i had way too much fun painting him
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Swamp Thing really is fun to draw.

He's like sentient spinach.
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he really, really is
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Oh shit I miscommented from the Ivy and Swamp thing one XD
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Sold. I need it!
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god, she's gotta be my favorite villain

i love how the pose defiantly expresses Harleen
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Great pose for Harleen!
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it was so much fun to draw. i always wanted to draw a scene of her doing flips. never really had the time or reason but now i had both XD
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omg riddler looks awesome! ♥
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man she and ivy look ugly and like dudes.
wtf happened?
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