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forgot to upload these

they were a part of the previous chain of dc comics redheads because...why not

any no, not making more of these.
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Gorgeous art-style!
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The gold highlights makes Starfire even more beautiful 
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Girl power -- DC Comic style.
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Worship OMG tellement magnifique :o (Eek) Clap 
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STAAAARFIIIIIIIREEEE!!!!!! *remembers Teen Titans* My childhood!!! *cries tears of joy*
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Hot damn you're great at drawing Starfire.  That subtle, alien flickers on the skin, the fiery hair, and most of all the excited, good natured cheer she has.
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Batgirl + Starfire = Batman vs Superman 2
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I must admit, your superhero and supervillain art look almost Alex Ross style.
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Redhead chicks fighting for a Dick
Great work
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I really love the desing for batgirl's grabbling hook gun, and the suit is awesome too, very tactical looking. See guy's this is what batgirl is supposed to look like.
Starfire has some serious energy blasts. 
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These are beautiful!
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Stepjan, I love your art. I love your creativity. I particularly love how you delude yourself into thinking you're not going to draw any more redhead superheroes. We all know you're going to draw them. I don't think you're capable of containing that wonderful impulse that drives your art.

And we love you for it.
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AWESOME! Are you able to upload them separately? 
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Look!  It's Nightwing's two girlfriends in one place!
Lovely redheads, indeed...beautifully captured.  Love your work as always.
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How do you draw such beautiful dynamic poses
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How on Earth do you forget these two ladies... in any sense?
They will not be pleased to hear of this.  Lobo and Ambush Bug have already been dispatched to nag you.

(It's one of the Main Man's... less advertised talents.)
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Barbara Gordon! Yeah!!!
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