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for Tony Stark being an ass is an artform

gotta love skrulls, by this point people revealing themselves as skrulls is so regular that its not even a surprise XD

this will probably be my last comic joke for a while as i just received fresh pages for artifacts, so... time to work ,huzzah!
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I mean, I don't blame Tony, I get to sleep with someone who even looks like Black Widow. And this isn't the weirdest thing to be into.

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very photorealistic, good job

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And that my friends is why we love Tony Stark

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It's on character!
To quote Eminem:
"I'll fuck anything that walks!"
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This is why I love Tony, he doesn't give a shit of what the situation he's in as long as he gets to wake up with a girl next to him. 
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Eh, he got pegged by Gamora too, hanky panky with a Skrull is vanilla.
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Yeah, Might World of Marvel, 27th August 2014, Issue 2, Guardians of the Galaxy.
Tony and Gamora fuck.
There's a strap-on cloaked in shadow on the the floor by the bed and Tony is laying in the classic position of someone whose had their anal virginity taken and is in pain.…
Normally I'd envy anybody who got to sleep with Gamora, but right now I just pity Tony.
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...We are of two differant mindsets in that regard.

Well if that's what you're into, I don't judge.

It's hard to envy a dude who looks like he's been scarred for life.
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Eh, your mileage may vary.
Pegging tends to be a trail and error game. Plus it basically means getting dominated so there's a degree of trust required there.
This is why Tony is my hero lmao
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Hello there, may I have permission to dub this comic. It's hilarious.
I'll be sure to give you credit in the description, thank you for your time.
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Skrull Chick: "Okay.... can you at least join our ranks after I fornicate with you? We could greatly use your intelligence to create new weaponry and tactics for us."
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SkrullChick: "Very well. I will sleep with you. Out of pity."
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Tony would do this in a heartbeat, sabotage the entire alien War Effort all by himself and be back for dinner with Pepper without a hair out of place. This is just a normal day to him.
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SkrullChick: I...I don't know how to feel about this. You're either colossal pervert or secretly brilliant. >///<
Tony: Can't I be both?
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