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ever wonder how black cat keeps her costume on?

extra strong!

now you know, and knowing is half of the problem in your pants
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LMAO!!! Too funny! Great job on this!
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If you want you can also follow me on this channel and see my galleries
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but but when she sweats the tape becomes useless.
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tvtrope sent me here

i blame myself for not knowing this before
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Hopefully cloth double-sided tape.  :D
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She’s in my top 5 of fictional gals I’d f$$$
SoulSuckingGinger's avatar
Some of the best work I've seen of Ms Hardy
DPRagan's avatar
Always wondered that for Dagger's Original costume (Cloak and Dagger)
i don't get it.....
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she sticks one side of the tape to her skin and the other side to the costume...
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that crap sucks. All it does is sit in my drawer and collect dust, literally.
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Well, there actually are tapes made specifically for keeping clothing in place...
Crishzi's avatar
and what if you sweat? O.o
UntappedChaos's avatar
And the gymnasts' butt glue, of course~
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I knew it!!!! :D
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Double sided tape is very useful. Not just for keeping outfits in 'proper' place.
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Okay, seriously, double sided tape must the honest answer to like, three quarters of the superheroines out there xD  it's ridiculous and yet utterly entertaining since the only other possible solution to this...ehm, shall I say, gravity defying breasts is... *drumrolls* ...helium!  Yup, the only other possible conclusion to draw from superheroines in skimpy costumes since, well, forever, is that their boobs weigh less than air!  There, problem solved!
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Aluminium too
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I swear your sense of humor is the best thing ever! XD
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