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dynamites army of darkness 10

this is a cover i did for dynamite entertainments army of darkness series and all who read the comic know why the werewolf rug has that look lol
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I've just read the trade paperback today, and that cover was my favorite of them all! Glad I found you on DeviantArt! Great work!
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excellent and dark
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I have that comic love it
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Oh man this needs a feature! Beautifully done, fantastic work!
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Only one word can truly capture how I feel about this...groovy!
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Love the movies, love the comics. One of the better ones is the mini spin off where Ash meets the Marvel Zombies. A must read for all fans! ^_^
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DAMN! you're amazing
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That is one _very_ surprised looking Werewolf rug. :D
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shit this hot I like it.
Good? Bad? I'm the one with the gun.
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Very nice)) Good looks))
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Demon Lady *hrhrhrhrhr*
Nice !
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I absolutely love how you captured the essence of what I've come to expect from the Army of Darkness series. (It doesn't hurt that my bf says that she looks just like me and asks when I am picking up a mirrored chainsaw, but I digress!)

Great work on becoming my first favourite!
I love the look in her eye, and the fact that ash has that look on his face like "hail to the king, baby" Excellent work!!
Sticks06's avatar very hawt
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omg how could I have ever ever missed this before?!?!
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wholy cow!! that is flippen awesome!!
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Heheh, nice idea! And of course awesome job on it.
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I COULD draw as good picture, but i'm don't have enough skills and i'm not so patient. Awesome pic, favorited.
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