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dumbest guild wars 2 joke EVER

very few of you will understand what just happened here and for your understanding you will be rewarded with a decent amount of your braincells dying.

you're welcome!
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Every time this pops in my favorites wall I click on it and it makes me laugh.

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Sorry but that joke is just too good. You have won the internet.
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I think you mean the BEST GW2 joke ever and I thank you for it
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But, they're already a canon couple.
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Ooo...really? Then I ship them to the MOON! :D
This is awesome! Now please don’t hold out on us!
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Taimi Taimi sweetheart... no
Really funny. Next one coming? ;)
Brain cells still kicking, joke still funny.

Having been playing GW2 for a year and a half now this joke just got even funnier. This joke is like fine wine!

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I laugh every time I see it, no matter how dumb the joke is
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Now this...Has made my day!  Brilliant joke!
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Just Blame the HAMSTER!
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AWESOME joke xD "Taimi up"
LOL! Who among us hasn't been in that situation? ;)
No braincells dying. That just put the biggest grin on my face.
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ROFL. In the new expansion they updated Kas costume, now she LOOKS Mesmerizing - instead of rather drab. :)
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Can never be unseen. XD
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I love this!
(also please draw more Kasmeer and Marjory they are my fav)
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Brain cells didn't die and I still found this funny... try harder man, try harder.
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I LMAO toooooooo dam hard on this one
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