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dragon prince cover

yeah its a dragona and it aint ravine go figure but when ron told me to paint him a cover with a dragon on it how could i refuse

still they wanted a closeup, i would have gone for somethin more action packed but im pretty happy with it
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Hi dear friend,
I'm an author and for sharing my thought and some small pieces of my book on my Instagram and personal website, I need some pictures to be close to my thoughts. I would like to ask you is possible, with your permission share this picture with your credit and copyright information there. I really appreciate your beautiful work. Thank you.
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So fantastic and detailed! Wow!
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Amazing detail.It's hard for me to believe how talented some people are.
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I have inspired by the base of this work but it is to similarity to my own style of work, in addition it is not possible to compare the work of a professional as Nebezial with my work that is only a pastime
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it looks very funny =\
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art is funny ^^
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you're funny. And your words. How do you think, who will believe you?) No one. Same work. Scales, horns... - all!
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If you are "so inspired", you should leave links on original.
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ok no problem ^^ , is my tribute Nebezial
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is a tribute a nebezial
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Hop làà ! dans mes Favoris ! Superbe ! Mais j'ai un peu chaud... :onfire:
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Awesome picture! I liked especially the teeth!
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So you made Hathor? I'm glad to be finding the true owners of my OCs. I don't claim ownership, as I have kept their stories secret. But this guy is one of the ones I've found online and gave a name and story.
Good to finally see you with your owner, Hathor.
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*drools* ...Oh...My...God!
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Just INCREDIBLE work, I am so in awe of your talents. I am a longtime fan of dragons.. and I love masterful artwork of them, again, brilliant job Nebezial!
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if you search for the word "epic" on a dictionary, this photo appears.
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