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dolphin- aquaman

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a character that is making a slightly updated comeback 
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Ela calada é poeta.

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I THOUGHT she seemed familiar on Young Justice but I couldn't get my stupid borked brain to remember who she was in the comics.

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Liked this drawing, so I decided to look up the character since I haven't seen or heard of her in a while....Ended up coming across an official page from one of the Aquaman comics were he is trying to mate with a literal dolphin named Nera....Wasn't expecting that when I woke up this morning.
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Amazing!!  So beautiful!
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Dolphin is awesome 
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She sure is! She's my second favourite DC character.
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Your art leaves me in awe.

I really dunno what else to say other than that. lol It's just... I'm in awe. this isby far my favorite drawing of this character ever. Period. You also nailed the way hair looks underwater. 

(also, yay! Dolphin is back, there's hope for Garth yet!)
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Can you draw Garth and Kaldur?
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Dolphin is one of my all-time favorites!!  I'm SO glad to see her drawn so amazing looking by you!  I love her cute webbed fingers and toes!!
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I  love her already!
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 I like it!
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Fantastic! Thanks again for the revisualization of one of my favorites from DC.
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The line work on her face is FANTASTIC! I have been a long time fan of your art, and this shows me that you are still growing and getting better. Really excellent work!
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But dolphins are mammal. And you gave her fish scales, sejic...
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it's just a name.

literally unconnected with anything about her beyond being an underwater mammal
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As a guy whose mom and dad are biologists, this design choice is giving me a headache. I'll still gonna read it tho'
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she doesn't have dolphin powers. just a name :) it's kinda always been the thing with her kinda like calling a hypothetical  character that doesn't need to breathe air astro the spaceman....even tho he never necessarily goes to space, somebody somewhere thought that made sense :P
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очень красивый арт. Но мне здается, что от дамочки должно сильно пахнуть рыбой... 
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I love this redesign! Hopefully it sticks!
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Given that this is DC Comics, I doubt it.
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I know.. but a guy can hope!
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Nice to see an obscure character like Dolphin get some love. 
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You've probably heard this a million times but your art style is fantastic, thank you for sharing your talent. Guess I'll spend half my day peepin' your gallery.
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