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death vigil-we are beautiful on the ins....oh...

our true beauty is on the inside...

ahem... well... when she is not a world devouring chaos, Mia can be really nice , and fun!


we all have our bad days!

death vigil coming out in july available for preorder already and more of it here…
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The old 'Thulhu hormones acting up I see. :) She's going all G.O.O.y *

*Great Old One

I recommend this pic to @DrBender makes me think of his Sara

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There are magic girls and then there are dark magic girls.

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Badass art piece right here ! Awesome work : )
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I love that I know what Mia's deal is now! I have the first 5 comics! YAY CHRISTMAS
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Is the fish on her shirt a reference to Dagon maybe? I bet you're into Lovecraft :D. No i don't bet. You're into Lovecraft right? XD

i love your works btw.
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does she have many forms or just differences in power release?
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Wow, this monster/she is like the G-virus in last form... Curiosity  
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just wondering
what the hell did Mia's dad sleep with!
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heheheheheheh *singsong voice* I have the issues, I know the stoooo-ryy! HEHEHEHEHEHEHE
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how lucky you are
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(Though for the record, I still don't know who her mom is.)
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....think its gnna get revealed?
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I dunno. Her mom actually has nothing to do (that I can see) with Mia's, um, other form or her dad's current occupation. Personal theory is that Allistor raised her as a single dad. I dunno if we'll find out who Mia's mom is, but who knows. Stjepan might worm that reveal in at some point in the next three comics!
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Well, the beauty among all monsters! XD  
How big is Mia in her true form?
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looking at that i'd say at least the size of a fullgrown elephant or 2
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Nope. She's bigger. A lot bigger. I've seen the issues!
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holy shiiiit i dont wanne be in the same country as her when she overdoes it
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Yeaaahh… I imagine that wold be terrifying.
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Where exactly can I preorder it from???

BTW this page is awesome, it's so intense!
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