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death vigil volume 1 trade paperback cover
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Published: January 9, 2015
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so i am happy to say, trade is happening, and will be solicited for may. more info on it soon :)

aaand spurred by the comments....

COSPLAYERS! your mission, if you choose to accept it is to recreate this cover as a photo XD

i won't be holding my breath tho but hope is nice XD

also, here is bernie's ornament thingie on her dress
Bernie Deco by nebezial 
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what a cute smile she has.
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Bernie and you have inspired a Necromancer I want to play in Pathfinder.
A Frienly, polite, cheerful Necromancer. =D
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Death vigil was absolutely fantastic! Bought it on the spot and can't wait for volume 2
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LillagonHobbyist General Artist
finally done it proper now…
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FlannaganOnest Artisan Crafter
How do! This cosplayer accepted your mission months ago, and finally snapped a picture!
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My Copy just arrived UPS.

Excuse me for a while, I'll be, unavailable...
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Added to Amazon Wishlist!
(Sorry funds are tight, can't buy now)
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LadyofAzzarothStudent General Artist
This is so epic! And Bernie is so pretty :)
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mistress-of-fireHobbyist Digital Artist
What is a trade paperback?
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XerxesBlackHobbyist Artist
Hey. long time reader, first time commenter.

First off, I love your work. Great stuff, I've read a lot of it.

That being said, you need to stop this. You did this with the Sunstone cover, and now you're doing it to Death Vigil. You create an amazing, attractive, dynamic cover, and then you change it for a lesser image. This isn't a bad image, but it's just not as good as the older one (with Bernie and Hugin). It had an actual background (this one is just... black), and it had a great 'come hither' vibe that your synopsis carries about joining the Vigil. While this one just feels... ugh. Just Bernie's upper torso as she kinda smiles. 

It's your book, do what you want. It just hurts to know that your choosing a lesser image over such a great cover, and as a fan I just wanted to let you know that some people don't like this change. 

Anywho, keep up the great work! Can't wait to read the rest of this series along with Rat Queens, Switch, and Ravine (when you finally have time to keep that monster rolling) and more! :D
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bernie with hugin was actually mistakenly sent out as trade cover. in fact it is the cover to issue 7

and where did i do it with sunstone?
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XerxesBlackHobbyist Artist
Ah, okay. I remember seeing that one on Amazon and loving it. I'd just gotten so use to it this change caught me off guard. 

As for Sunstone, how you mentioned giving up the older cover (which is now on the back of the physical book) since it didn't have both Ally and Lisa (Which I agree with that as a principle for a cover change.

It just has this awesome dynamic nature to it, then you changed it to an image with Ally and Lisa just standing on the cover together. I dunno, after seeing so much of your artwork incorporate both the characters alongside great dynamic movement, and knowing how many fun situations these two find themselves in that would involve some fun angles, I just was a little disappointed that you went with such a 'mild' cover.  

Btw, your cover to chapter 5 is PERFECT! 

Anywho. Hope everything is going swell! I know you're busy and I'm probably distracting you.

Thanks for the reply!
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LillagonHobbyist General Artist
I did a thing…

Didn't quite get the expression right but overall happy with it. Still gotta make the dress >_>
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Telian24Hobbyist Writer
Still waiting for the Bernie cosplayers ...

... and the paperback :) My comic book dealer couldn't get the issues for me any more after issue #1 and told me that fact only after #2 and #3 had already sold out (he was supposed to collect them for me so I could pick them up on one of my occasional visits), so I was hoping hard for something like this to happen so I wouldn't have to spend 50 USD on the missing issues! And now, pre-ordered it is, but hell, the waiting time kills me :D (Bernie? Any chance this counts as a heroic death ...?)
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This is what I was waiting for. I'll get to read it now since I kind of only do trades.
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My cosplay wouldn't do justice to her;) Preordering right now:> Are you planning to include some of the covers from 1-8 as a bonus gallery? That would be awesome:)
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rcootsHobbyist General Artist
SO glad there's a trade. Somehow the only issue I'm missing is #3, and I can't find it anywhere. Complete story. Whoo!
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can not wait to see them
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AprilDHallPhotoProfessional Photographer
Death Vigil Vol. 1 trade paperback with this cover is on pre-order on  I'm trying to decide if I want to buy it, or collect the comic books that are  being offered as a bundle by someone on eBay.  Can you give me some information on the trade book?  I don't know what to expect from this purchase.  Will D.V. 1-8 (from what I understand to be the complete story) be covered in this one book?  Thank you. :)
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Can't wait for May to show up!

Enjoying the heck out of the series via comixology, definitely getting the print version when it appears.
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herofan135Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Love the expression here, she's amazing! :wow:
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SirenAspenHobbyist General Artist
Quick question: When is there going to be a reprint of Aphrodite IX #5? It's the only one we're missing. T_T
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Instant phone Wallpaper.
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