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death vigil- this will all end quite badass! XD

By nebezial
death vigil 4 is out  tomorrow
i am spamming away at issue5

and if things work out...i might actually have a chance to make all 3 arcs... so fingers crossed everyone, till then

a sneak preview of one of bernie's forms by the end of it all :)
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Well...the question this Bernie at all? Impatient to find out. I have a serious mental problem, refreshing the gallery page now and then....often...several past days :-D
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She has fast become arguably my favourite incarnation of Death ever. Truly.
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hmmm she kinda has something ravenish herself....
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After finishing issue 6 I hope Bernie'll kick at least ONE ass.
Just curious, but what are the other arcs? Or will they finish by issue 8 :( 
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I think...I think I have a crush on her, damnit!La love La love La love La love 
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Those wings are amazing. 
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Oddly enough, Aura's Theme from .hack//Sign is quite fitting for this picture... It's so spectacularly creepy, even...
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hah I love .hack's soundtrack but I gotta feeling that something like Metalica is more suitable...
Neutral-Death's avatar
What about the evil version of that track?
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Evil version may fit here better but still I think its little bit to slow. I mean... this is Bernie, she's here to kick some demonic asses... look at this joyfull smile on her face ;) !
This is "badass" - Aura theme is beautiful, scarry, dark... but not badass (at least this is how I see it).
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Nah, Asimov is definitely it. If not, feel free to share your thoughts, because I'm fresh out of ideas.
kosopaty's avatar… - ;P just joking (but in some way this song fits here very well)

Emiya have some kicks but it is to... To cute? To disco? I dont know, cant find word. This is just not "it" D:

And about Asimov - yes, this could do :3

As for me... I have some music in my head but cant find perfect song.
I was thinking about something with this kind of kick…… - this got some potential but sadly its also not it :(… - and this got good "badass" "thing" XD
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Disturbed, why not, she looks like true "metal" death XD 
(dark coat and fluffy personalty, yep, true metal for me )
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What about the guitar version of Emiya?
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I feel sad for anyone who will feel her wrath...
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...Why does Bernie have Sam's veil rippers? I am not cool with this.
I look at Bernie and I see peace and happiness.  The peace and happiness that comes when all doubt, all questions, all restraints fall away, and one is now focused utterly on a singular purpose.   (I kinda feel sorry for that purpose...)
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if u work harder you can do much better....
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