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death vigil the court of red

some necromancers for volume 2, plenty more to come as with volume 2 things move into the open.
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YES, I’ve been hoping you would do a Death Vigil 2! I’ve been out of circulation for a long while, did this get done yet? Also did you ever do another volume of Ravine? I love your personal IPs, yours and Linda’s!

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Good luck, dude!

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That dude on the left gives me life.

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Is it weird these remind me of XCOM and more recently Phoenix Point?
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yay, Death Vigil! \o/
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Awesome designs! 
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Very interesting
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lol, I see this after I hear from a comic reviewer commented that you always draw beautiful characters...
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God, I love your style so much you could just paint plain spiders - which I absolutely hate - and I would still love it.
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I am SO excited to see whats going to happen with Clara. I've been waiting for a Vol2 so long, and these character designs are just perfection to amp the hype. Can't wait!
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Oooooh I'm loving the unique shapes and horrid bug bits going on.
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so... Cenobites meet Cthulhu?
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I'm so in love

Spooky! The one all the way on the left reminds me of a frog for some reason.

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Amazing!! Can't wait!
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There are absolutely fantastic!
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They all look so amazing!! =D
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nice unique characters!
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Please tell me there will be some humor comics depicting the big-headed guy trying to fit through doors. XD
Those are certainly some interesting new faces/designs, though I can't help wonder, with the similar but distinct name whether they are a different branch of the pale court, a different group allied with them, neutral, or outright oppose them...
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That time Jabba The Hutt dabbled in Necromancy, 13 BBY (colorized)
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