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death vigil 7 as promised

i will copy my journal text here

1-please don't mind occasional typos. it was not edited yet. :)

due to unforseen technological and health problems death vigil 7 has been late... issue is done now
but that will mean about 30 more days till it hits the stores... i can't have that.
so tomorrow... i will put the future of my comic in your hands
i will post it online.
sales have been steadily dropping so ... i guess it can't get much worse. and i don't want my readers and fans who supported the book to
have to wait any more. book will be printed and published. and if you want to buy and support it still, i will appreciate it of course.
but i refuse to let everyone wait for 30 more days.

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I love this series! Ordered my set and I can't wait to own my physical copies! I really hope you continue the story!
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Greetings from Germany!

I just wanted to let you know that after reading the whole thing (issues 1-8) for free in your deviantArt gallery, I ordered the collected trade from amazon right away. I'll see if I can get some more people to do so by spreading the word. Death Vigil is one of my favorite comic book series right now and I wouldn't wanna see that die. I'm patiently waiting, hoping, looking forward, advertising etc. for Death Vigil issue 9, even now, over one year later. I also pre-orered the Switch Trade volume 1, by the way. Wish I had discovered this sooner... don't give up on Death Vigil. I know Bernie never would allow herself to!
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Holy shit how can this be losing popularity. I'm going to buy the whole damned series in a month-or-so. I'll see how many friends I can get to do the same.
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If you've posted this, you obviously have the publishing rights. Why not publish with kindle? That way it'll make it more convenient and will broaden your readership.

Kindle has a tool that turns comic pdf's into a format the kindle can read. (very simple job, 2 minutes)

Then you can offer your comic for free on kindle, but still get paid through kindle unlimited program, plus offer it as 2.99 download with 75% comission (2.00 a pop)

and use create space to create a print on demand version, so whenever someone wants all of them, they can have them and YOU would get  all the revenue, not share with your publisher. you could also create a cool hardback version with all of this story arc together.

The way of the traditional publisher is going the way of the dinosaur very quickly. If you want I could even format the files for you for this stuff.

just my 2 cents.
Just bought all 7 volumes on comixology. Keep fighting, man. Your art is beautiful and I dig the humor. 
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My copy just came in the mail! -squee-
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clara x lana forever ٩(ര̀ᴗര́)
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just read the last page and whoa.... reading the next one now

also listening to this while reading was amazing:…
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the "gimr reaper"? lol what?
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Shoot, this could be an album cover for heavy metal band.

Love it!:)
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Well I now have to get my finances in order and buy this. Which purchasing method provides you with the most direct financial support to keep this going to your planned conclusion?
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Hey, Nebezial, for some reason the comics don't appear for me.
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OMG, just found this series, and loved it so much.  totally going to be getting physical copies.  Can't wait for the next issue. :3
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I love this so much. Where do I buy it? 
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This is absolutely stunning!
This is so beautifully drawn, the story is amazingly interesting and the characters are great! :D 

soo... who do I have to sell my soul to, (alternatively; throw money at) to make sure this gets finished? : >
Awesome series. Just got linked over from Grrl Power, and had to read through the whole thing. I really have to give you major credit for being willing to post it all for free. Honestly, I probably wouldn't have bought it otherwise (strange as that logic may be).

Can't wait for issue 8!
Page 19, was that "Royal we" or "Symbiote we"?
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