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death vigil 6 preview pages

issue 6 out on 28th of january

you can read 1 and 2 freely here :)

1- death vigil 1 full issue- cuz it's a good day :) by nebezial

2- death vigil 2 full issue happy new year! :) by nebezial
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Beautiful cover page, interesting monsters, and great paneling! =D
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This scene is so much more amusing with your commentary. :)
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I absolutely love Death Vigil. As soon as I have some money I will be purchasing the series! And as Sam is my heart is a hurt at the moment!Tears  Great work! I love your art.
Just got DV 5 from Drivethrucomics as a pdf.   Loved it.  Gonna lay back and just savor the mental sweetness of it.   Hmmmm..........

Just curious.   There's going to be camera's on the monsters from helicopters and UAVs.  What happens if you see a video of one of the monstrosities?  Will a picture of one drive you insane?   Or will a camera just not be able to take clear pictures or videos?
Just bought all 6 on Comixology, want #7 NOW great cliffhanger
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Read the two free issues, bought the series on Comixology.
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When is 7 coming out??
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Where can I buy digital copies of death vigil?
Anodesu's avatar
Comixology has them! =D
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Just wanted to say I'm caught up with the series and I love it! That flashback Sam had at the end of this chapter killed me, and I can't wait for more! :D
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Loving the work you put into this series...but the feels from just seeing the cover again after having read the issue....THE FEELS
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Been following this comic for a little while now... I gotta say, it's pretty sweet.
Hopefully Sam's newfound powers will allow him to raise from the grave once more :)
DV 6 is a splendid work!
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Great issue... Looking forward to the rest!
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Scum bag Heinrich. He could have been better than her, instead he just reduced himself to her level, maybe even lower. Sad and intense issue :/

Dumb moment on Wulf and Maria's part: when he saw the parallel, why didn't Wulf just go to Heinrich immediately and ask him to help Dreamer's Sigil their daughter?  That would have immortal'd her without the whole "murdering everyone he knew and had fought with for centuries" thing.
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Dude. First, they didnt have the dreamer's sigil back then because they hadent interpreted the codex yet, and Heinrich dosent know them (he barely recognised the one in the graveyard). Second, That would implant a primordial in her daughter. Like it did with Mia, and like it happened with Clara. I dont think Wulf or Maria would want that.
Heinrich would have had the Sigil; it's on his daughter's back.  And I find it hard to believe that he and Wulf, both of whom have been interacting with the Death Vigil since the 1200s (Wulf speaks of valkyries, which means he's probably from the pre-christian time of Norway), wouldn't know each other.

As far as not wanting to Cthulhu-ize their daughter, that's a legitimate point, but considering that the alternative was massacring the people Wulf had been family with for centuries and they both picked up necromancy in the meantime anyway, it seems like the lesser evil.

Of course, the point is moot, because then there wouldn't be a plot.
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Ouchie.  Man o man ... Heinrich is a major pill.  :(
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This issue was so good. It hurt. A LOT. But it was just flat out amazing.
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You managed to hit us where it hurts the most with this one. Right in the feels.
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