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death vigil 6 out on january 28th

By nebezial
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my apologies for the delay. 
for some time there was a family health crisis, concerning my mom, this culminated in december and derailed my schedules

but that was resolved, so death vigil 6 in its  slightly oversized glory is coming out next wednesday
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I would totally love to be Mia in the "FOODFIGHT!" moment
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If Death Vigil is ever published in France, or in French, that would be amazing ._.
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Family is most important. Hope your Mum is doing better. Beautiful work as always.
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What? What?! What happens next!? :nailbiter: 
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may i ask how many issues do u plan to make? as im a cheap ass and wish to order them all, but i wanna do it at once so no double shipment:P
just want to know, how long do i still need to wait!
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potterfangirl13Hobbyist Writer
Got my copy yesterday and when I finished I was all open-mouthed stares at the book. How could you do that to us?!?! -waves hands in silent rage-
I seriously half-hate you right now.....
Which means you are a good author.
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Oh, NO! I've just gotten hooked on another one of your series!
First Sunstone, then your wife's Blood Stain, and now this...
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AlighierianHobbyist Photographer
top right panel:…
those similarities xD
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dafuq did i just see? XD
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AlighierianHobbyist Photographer
a reworked boss from Warframe

He really looks like a chicken now, even in his big form xD

that image is a close-up of his unarmoured (lightbulbnose) face
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So just bought and read DV6.....

it was AWESOME!!!!!!
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I love this book and I love your artwork, I have a question I'm subribed to your page on youtube, and was watching bloodmagic vid, I saw you use a Buckle brush that would be really usefull, could you tell me were you got it Please, or if you made it your self please tell me how?????????? Hope to hear back from you, and keep up the AWSOME work!!!
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ThinusvanRooyenProfessional Digital Artist
Smug Keanu Reeves is really smug. 
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Oh my I hope your mother is alright now, on another note FOODFIGHT :D
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Haseo-Ani-WayaHobbyist Traditional Artist
Happy to hear that all is well again.
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Looking forward to more awesome stuff man!
Hope your mom is doing well! _/\_
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zathrayaStudent General Artist
I hope your mom is well. :(  Looking forward to the next issue though (I'm not trying to be a bad person TnT )  Definatly headed to the comicbook store on the 28th! :)
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Glad you're mom's okay. Would it be insensitive to say I'm even more glad to finally be getting my hands on issue 6 in less than a week? I mean, hooray for healthy moms and all but...I haven't had my Death Vigil fix in like 2 months and I'M TWEAKIN'!!
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Sweet! Happy days are here again-Death Vigil is coming back! Man, between this, Sunstone, and Ravine (even with the change in format), it's a good time to be your fan. I've been telling everyone who will listen to pick up those three series, and at least a few have. I think my comic store ordered some for the shelf too, after asking me how I liked the copies they ordered for me. I can't wait to pick this one up!
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Oh Man I hope your mother is doing better.  I am looking forward the this issue of Death Vigil. :)
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Yay! I'm so looking forward to next week. Glad your mom is doing better.
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CrystalSabreHobbyist Traditional Artist
I'm glad to hear the health crises was resolved.  Ooh, next wednesday, huh?  I'm liking this preview, btw.  Looks like Sam just might have missed being impaled there?
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