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death vigil 6

i will link my main journal explaining things :)

it explains my reasons for doing this, but in short the book is dying and this is my last struggle to keep it alive :)

if you want to support the book, read the journal and there will be updates :)

also, please ignore typos here and there, these are mostly unedited versions as i lost the edited pdfs

f#$k it! it's death vigil for EVERYONE!So i've been sitting here thinking...
we live in the age of kickstarter and patreon....
people are supporting all sorts of projects...
i don't have the patience not the focus to handle all that... but it did get me thinking...
if teasers for projects can get people to fund it... what aout the full thing?
i don't do crowdfunding. i make comics.
i publish comics. if people love and buy my comics... i get to make more comics.
so with that in mind. i will post the entirety of death vigil here. 
from there on it's in the hands of the readers. if you want to support the book being made, i will post the comixology links, and image digital links, as well as trade preorder links.
so if you feel this is your kind of comic, and it's something you want to see made in it'y entirety..and can afford to support it by buying it...thank you.
if not, i still hope you like it. so with no further a do... this week i will be uploading issues.
starting to

other journal with preorder links stockpiling

death vigil preorder linksso... here it is..the thing that critically injured my book...
some fun insight for any of you who want to get your own series running...
without promotion...quality won't get you far. 
let's put things into context
this is death vigil series result on comic book roundup
comic book roundup is to comics what metacritic is to games and whatnot. it compiles multiple reviews and creates an average score.
based on reviews death vigil has a score of 9.1 out od 10
and yet here we are. 
i will now copy a part from my previous journal as it is relevant
now, as i work predominantly for independent companies, my work can be a bit hard to get.
reason for this is a simple one. comic book stores buy their supplies from diamond. the main distributor. 
they buy stuff they know will sell. comics

also, previous issues
death vigil 1 full issue- cuz it's a good day :)

 death vigil 2 full issue happy new year! :) by nebezial

death vigil 3 by nebezial

death vigil 4 by nebezial

death vigil issue 5 by nebezial
© 2015 - 2021 nebezial
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I'm propsmaker and one of my client order me this sculpture for a cosplay of Sam.
I would like to do honour to your works, and to be the most accurate possible.
So I would like to know if you could send me different view of it, please ?

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sooo as a croatian.. how am i supposed to feel about Vlado ?? XD
TactfullFob014's avatar
Sooo. What is Clara?
Thinkyng's avatar
OMGAWD....OMGAWD...sheet just got REeeeaalllll, OMGAWD! >.<

I loved how Mia cares! I LOVE MIA! God..this is really an AWESOME read! Daym!

Question tho, so Bernie CAN'T join the battle unless it's a Lich+ Level monster? Anything below that she can't? Did I read that right?
Museofink's avatar
Is this book still available on Amazon? I want to buy it
Jesse-the-art-maker's avatar
NOW THATS A CLIFF HANGER! I cant stop reading this im so into it! This is the most incredible thing ever!!!!
Grandboys309's avatar
I just got a subscription at my comic shop!
Dkundzinsh's avatar
Awesome man, I am studying comic and I really enjoyed the Elvish graces you did few years back for skull kickers, that was fantastic. any advice on how to improve my characters/anatomy/expressions?
death vigil is one of those series that i hope will actually last forever. like superman. and wish that every single character in there has their own origin/ side stories
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It won't last forever - he posted somewhere that there are gonna be only 3 books and then the story will end. The reality is that there is a danger there not to be even 2 or 3rd book since the contract with the publishers is not 100% sure - If not enough people buy the book there is no sense to make more. And even this book is hard to be written - do you think about all the things he will go through to make more side stories. Lets just hope that there will be book 2 and 3.
Slave-to-the-Wage's avatar
Wait what?! Death Vigil is dying? Please don't say that, Death Vigil is my favorite comic right now! 

Please please don't let Death Vigil die. :(
Picking up my copy of issue 7 tomorrow! Can't wait!
freebolt's avatar
Damn! Where is Batman when you need him.
Seon-Ha's avatar
Just got issue #7 and I really hope I can get #8 printed, too.

Love that you post them online and I really wish it helps.

Really want things for you and Linda to go uphill again. All my best wishes to you.
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So where can I buy your stuff?? I've read all of the death
vigil that you've posted here on deviantart, and I want to own physical copies. (Because your comics are really good.)
nemesisjawad's avatar
you can search for them on amazon, or image comics
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Death Vigil 7 was :onfire:
Gonnashankya's avatar
Kingofthecouch's avatar
Sam's not going down without a fight could have been like a little longer, but regardless it was awesome
MGK's avatar
Please keep it Death Vigil going!
VastKaos's avatar
Beautiful work! Please please please make more!
Ashyqt's avatar
MissMcGuire's avatar
This is one of my favorite comics. The art is gorgous and unique, the characters living, the plot intriguing, the dialogue fun and witty. I'll miss it. :(
Shadowwand's avatar
That's great news but it's also very sad because I was saving up to buy the hard books, I couldn't hold the temptation and I bought up to #3 in digital format. 
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