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Haha, knew he was a Veil Reaper!
Wondering if this Wulf and the Viking zombie Wulf are connected at all...
Love all the relationships! It's amazing!
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This is honestly the best! 
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I swear if i don't see a good tv show adaptation of that by 2020 and a movie by 2025-2028 i'll gonna be so upset. This is a late-night cartoon revival material right here. Can you imagine this with AT LEAST level of animation of the gargoyles? 
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Loved Bernie's entrance on page 8...those eyes of her's, so smexy! Very nice! =D

Clara's powers are pretty cool, I would so have fun with that, haha. So Sam hasn't truly "found" his power yet?
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Clara's face after Marlene interrupts her phone call is just about the greatest thing ever.
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This kind of instrumental background music goes really well with reading this:…
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Loving it so far great series!
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Now I get it...
A Necromancer and a Paladin...
No wonder this parent-parent relationship is pretty much f%§#ed up.
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totally love it ! great job ! :)
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Hmm. Page 22, first panel; all I could think was:


Yo, dude, I get the sneaking suspicion that without all the Veilrippers, the chevrons will not lock!

Just a thought. >_<

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Okay I have a lore question.  Would a veilripper ever manifest as a vehicle?  Say for example, there was a racer.  All of his greatest memories are of racing.  Would his veilripper be a car, possibly?  Or are they only handheld objects?
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Just saying Death Vigil is awesome
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Great work! But there are some typos. On page three bottom right panel and on page twenty bottom panel. 
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unedited version. lost my edited pdf file unfortunately.
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no way! I want a veilripper like that! Though honestly I'd be just as happy with  the doodle setting
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lovely expressions! have you trained with movie stills or something like that?
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Thank you for putting these up.
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You are awesome. I'm going to do my best to buy a few issues. 
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Is he gonna post 5 or not?
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He said he would be posting them one at a time.  Patience, young padawan.
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well, the last one was saturday, and i have too many questions and almost no answers. Yesterday i was checking the like mand every 10 minutes and today i am going mad. I love his work and if i could, i would buy his books, but my country doesnt have it and ordering them online cost too much.
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Well, Issue 5 went up today, so cheers!
I'm really upset by this, I always order this in at my local comic shop and they never EVER call me or give me updates when I go in. I've got one and four on my shelf but the shop cant bring in any of the others. Is there another place I can procure a physical copy from?
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