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I really wish there were more issues. Are there?
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Oooo! What is Clara I wonder... Her thing is awesome btw. Love it! I do wonder what Sam's might be too...
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what is the email account:
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She's right you know.
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I really like your style! Curious to know more of the story.
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Holy... this is so good! I love the layout of the panels!!
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'The book is dying' makes me rather sad because I read this book at least once a week. Very inspiring and I love the artwork. If ever you plan on doing a 2nd volume to the series I'd be ecstatic to buy it. 
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bwahahahaha xD thanks for including that song xD Have done exactly like bernie countless of times xD "Angel wings to dust" *headbanging trying to be Marco*
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Perfect daughter, minus the whole origin story...but super awesome besides that! :)
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I would love to buy these. I'm a little slow however and would like to ask, are there physical copies or strictly digital? That, and where can I give you my money? :3 
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it's so horror..
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That bio horror is supposed to be food? It looks like a 25 foot ghoul crab. I can barely even eat a whole salmon, and I really enjoy seafood. But the comic does look cool.
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My gawd, another awesome read!!! I want to buy these, I need to buy these! This is just so amazing! Mia is too cute, and Page 8...Bernie getting it, LOVED it!!! She's hawt!
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When I get paid, I think I need to buy these.
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I don't have any money right now, but when I get a job again, I'm gonna buy the shit out of this! :D Found you through Sunstone and fell in love with your art~ Looking forward to how this story goes as well!
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Hm... this one just ends, no preview of the next chapter or anything, i mean i know theres 8 chapters but i cant tell if that was the last page... or you forgot to add in the last page? just saying...
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too damn small to read, anyone know how i can fix that? :(
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found it.. <xD
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OMFG, I just laughed my ass of with Bernie rocking to Nightwish... :D Must. Read. Faster.
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I always figured she would be a death metal fan...

I will see myself out...
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Nightwish is Symphonic Metal. Death Metal is like screaming and growling and shit. 
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Clearly my puns are not up to the Vigil's standards...
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