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death vigil 2 full issue happy new year! :)

it's been a good year. oh it had it's downs and disappointments but overall i'm quite happy, so to celebrate

death vigil 2 for y'all

you can read the first issue here

death vigil 1 full issue- cuz it's a good day :) by nebezial

comic is available in print...just a bit hard to get XD
and digitally on comixology…

issue 6 coming out in january. my apologies for the delay as it was health caused, and then i ended up making the issue quite a bit longer as well XD

anyhoo, happy new year to y'all! may it be a good one!
© 2014 - 2021 nebezial
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Why all good things have to end.....specially on that bait for continuation....

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This would make a great HBO show. 
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This continues to be absolutely amazing... I love this so much!
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I'd love to get this in print! Could you direct me to where I could do so?
A story about Eldritch horrors and I'm laughing hysterically. Either there's something wrong with me or you are an amazing writer (probably both) 
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Thank you so much for sharing! :D Liked it so much I bought the next issue on comixology^^
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The drawings at the end are what win it for me, especially that one of sam on the right.
so are you shiniez?
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Jeezus, such an incredible read...I am really enjoying this! I LOVE the feelings you get from Sam and Bernie, I love those two when they're together haha, Thank you for this!!!
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There was a lot of humor in this one, well played, another incredible and fantastic read, 10/10!
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...weird. cannot seem to load beyond the cover
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I want it printed. Where can I get all the issues?
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Will you put up the next issue soon?
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On the surface, this comic bears nothing really interesting. It's a standard everyman getting thrust into an ancient organization and gaining powers. However, the characters are genuinely enjoyable, and as always, your art is beyond stellar. I also quite like the narrative device where Clara's experiences now are juxtaposed with Sam's experiences in the past. This is a truly compelling comic, and I look forward to reading more.
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This is so amazing. I can't express how much I love this comic!
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I hope you're feeling better so far this year!  2015 hasn't been a kind year to anyone I've talked to thus far, and I hope it's treating you better.
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And hits just keep on rolling. Another great issue.
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Aesir be damned...whatever stuff they gave you with your food, I'm definitely putting it on my shopping list! This is just so freaking amazing!!! I think, if others can see Clara's drawings, I'd be flat on my ass, gagging in awe while staring my eyeballs out on the night skies!
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Oh what a great comic! Do we have hope to see it someday in a european bookshop?
Yeah !
I paid to read it ! And the 1st too ! got to buy the oth... but what ? no need ?
Ok, just wait then :)
(And i'm in France... they got a terrifying problem to convert dollars to euros...can't buy a PDF on the US store)
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I had problems with that too :) just use paypal - then they dont care about the country of the card, 
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OMG!!! How can you be so incredibly generous?!? Will give feedback as soon as I've read it <3
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