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death vigil 1 full issue- cuz it's a good day :)

things have been picking up...not really on death vigil itself but sunstone has... well... surpassed, first my expectations, then my hopes XD

so here you go, death vigil issue 1
the whole shabang :)

you can see more death vigil stuff here…

printed versions available  usually through preorders in comic book stores, 

digital versions here :)

image comics digital…


drivethru comics…

aand now back to work, no rest for the wicked XD
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Damn! Sexy Banshee :)

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Thank you i love your comic :D

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I was screaming through all of this
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This is awesome!! :D
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OMG this is AMAZING!  love this so much!!! And the concept is fantastic!
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Okay, THAT was impressive! I think I've found a new favorite comic! Yuuko Clapping Icon I love your characters and style, and the story, despite its dark theme, is written in a well paced, not-too-broody manner that leaves you on the edge of your seat, but doesn't make any humorous moments feel forced or out of nowhere. Loved it! Onward to book 2!  :lengella: 
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Is that Lisa and Ally having dinner in the background??? Does that mean they are in the same universe?? Also, love Death Vigil and Sunstone and everything you do!! 
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You have an awesoma talent to draw face expressions!
I love your style and your story telling.
It's make me sad that I can't buy it.
<3 So please keep up the great work ♥
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I will say this. It was a cool book and that's saying a lot. I tend to not read books with a heavy supernatural bent, because of my religious beliefs, but if the subject matter is not a problem, you'll find the book enjoyable.
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Oh God its so cool ♥^♥ <3
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Alright. you've got me. Thanks for throwing this up here. Now I need more.
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I Death Vigil connected to anything else? is this one story in a universe or is it a standalone? I like expanded universes and I would like to read others like this if they exist.
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Just finished Vol 1 and I have to say your amazing! Not only did I get a Great read out of this I turned everyone at work onto it to! =D
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this is really cool
I'm so following this
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I absolutely love this comic! Can`t wait for it to continue :D
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Just bought Volume 1. :3 
Love ur Artwork
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A great begin!
I've always love your work on Witchblade and ravine and Sunstone are a blast as well so might just pick this one up as well as soon as i have some cash to spare after a convention i'm giong to in August(Abunai! in the Netherlands)
Anyway, keep up the good work!
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I just found Death Vigil it wrong from me to want to see Bernadette and Samuel together? XD
I love Death Vigil.  I bought all of the issues available already and am looking forward to more.  it is almost as good as Sunstone
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How come Topcow is okay with this?
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She'll kill sam? But people die if they are killed. Also loving the comic :D
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