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dat villainy!

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i bought final fantasy x and x2 remastered for psvita... my that leblanc is ... unique XD
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This is so funny!

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Strangely enough, of all of them, Kuja never really lost.
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THANK YOU for calling B(D)S(M) on some characters "armor" and "outfits"....
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I like this image so much, I reused the joke for another video game in this fanart.

Give credit where credit is due !
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I knew this art style looked familiar!!
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Yep, one of the hundreds of ways I defeated Sephiroth and the Weapons was having Cloud mime his Omnislash.
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I think you'd enjoy Ardyn from FFXV. Juuust the right balance of flamboyantly oily charm, as voiced by Darin De Paul.
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Who is Ally?
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from their other comic sunstone :) go check it out if bdsm and lesbian couples are your thing. its not pure "fluff" it has good character development as well as story involved.
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XD I love this.  Wow I was NOT expecting Ally.  Leblanc is actually a bad-ass, then.  Come to think of it, Kuja was pretty impenetrable.  I never worked on Quina very much.  Frog drops are amusing.
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The confusion is understandable.
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OH MY GOSH! I thought your art looked familiar! I have the first copy of Sunstone right next to my bed with all my art books, I love it!!
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Villainy? Don't you mean vinyl-y? :P
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now the only thing dissida needs its Vincent and Caius to join chaos
or maybe not because one of them can transform in the final boss by himself an the other uses it as energy essence
and that would be bad for the plot
oh wait
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Evil cleavage required
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This makes me so happy, laughing my night away!
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lmao.. omg this explains sooo much as to why fetish clothing seem so normal.
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C'mon, LeBlanc is a miniboss, more of a minor irritant than an obstacle, a semi-friendly rival, not a true opponent.  The rest were true late-game (if not final) bosses.  Neither the driving forces behind Sin nor Vegnagun fit the joke, however, so I'll allow it...
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Final Fantasy character concepts have long been interesting I suppose.
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This is why Kefka is such a big threat.
Cause Limit Breaks wasn't a thing back then.
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kefka was still a very easy boss
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Just like those in the picture above.
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But those were easy because limits (and in FFVII's case, an overpowered multi-hitting summon) were already a thing.
Kefka was easy before limits or OP summons were a thing XP.
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Are the summons in later games really OP though? Most of them just seem to do damage. The only exceptions that come to mind are Carbuncle and Phoenix, both of which are also in FF6. In addition, FF6 have summons that make the party immune to physical harm, gives everyone Regen, resistant to magic, resistant to physical harm... I'd say these are closer to OP summons.
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