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cthulhu rising

oor as i like to call it.. dad... i dont thing you should be going fishing today
a quick spur of the moment pic caused by a simple thought of ... imagine if you were a lighthouse keeper on a small island and one night in the storm light falls on something like this... eek
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El Gran Observador!!!
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someone get a big can of raid.
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the people at the light house are saying this

Person Number 1:Oh Hell no

Person Number 2: welp were screw 
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I really like the lighthouse and how it lights up his face. This is really awesome!
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Dude Guillermo Del Toro needs to see this!
Most terrifying Cthulu I have ever seen.
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*Turn the f..g light off!!*
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Maybe you should adapt the Mountains of Madness as your next project. Awesome!
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Very nice concept!!
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Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn!
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My daughter has a cthullu plush dice bag that she likes to dress up and tie bows on the tenticles. I told her to grab it, showed her this, she looked back and forth between her bag and the screen, and said (and I quote) "Why would someone draw cthullu all ugly and mean looking like that?". Just thought I'd share :D

Love this. Best cthullu ever. And yeah, if I were in that lighthouse, I might need a change of undies :XD:
nebezial's avatar beyond...adorable XD
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Wow! Love it!
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freakin' awesome! Too bad there's no bigger image
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was the big resolution lost ? :(
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But... why there is no zoom? T_T
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What a great depiction concept! Those in the tower were driven mad in an instant I am sure.
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looks like somebody finally thought about the reason,this beast needs wings - underwater!

good job!
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reminds me of kthulu of southpark :P
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It's the opposite man, the opposite! Kthulu IS Cthulhu... which come from HP Lovecraft... look it up it'S worth your time!
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