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bats! bats on gargoyles!

By nebezial
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3 ish hours of this , and now i can go to work

also.. seriously... how cliche is this piece... bat people on gargoyles...suuure, never seen that! XD
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"3 ish hours of this", *dies*
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That is one strong gargoyle. And an excellent pic
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wow:D (Big Grin) it looks so cool  
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AMAZING! :D I especially love Cassandra Cain's look. :D SO COOL! :D
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Y'know, I think "The Gargoyle" has more evil potential in its name than "The Owl".
I mean, okay, a owl can fly pretty silent, but I never crapped my pants when an owl looked at me, with thunder flashing, in a stormy, rainy night.
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Batman is my Favorite from DC Comics nebezial 
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There's a Robin
Robin approved Hell yeah there is!
Raven Does NOT ApproveDon't even think about it Robin 
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This is really nice :nod:

Good work here :D
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Yo this is sick
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Oh well, that's pretty cool!!!
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who is the girl with the re breather mask? 
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And then the gargoyle falls off due to the weight on it.
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Is that Batgirl Steph or Babs?
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She's all yellow. It's Steph.
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Wait a minute. Where's Nightwing?! He belongs in there to!
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this looks so badass, love it
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Gotham sure has gotten crowded, all the good brooding spots have been taken.
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the perspective and lighting in this is AMAZING i <3 it :)
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This is great, the only thing it needs is Nightwing, then it would be perfect.
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Too bad Nightwing is missing.
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I swear, Wayne Tower has to get that Bat problem checked out XD

Honestly though, that gargoyle is going to break
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