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avengers doodle

been some time since u posted just a sketch, still might finish this one some dayinitially this was made a s a cover layout , but there was a misunderstanding between me and my editor as i did 4 separate layouts for 4 comics and in the ent it was actually one comic but a crossover lol, one of those days i guess when the mighty river of caffeine ebbed in my vessels
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1st person I saw was Ms.Marvel
Iron man loks like he's all like "Put your hands in the air and wave 'em like you just don't care!"
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good, no wonder man. that guy is goofy-pants.
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Fuckin love sentry!
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Que buen trabajoo!!!!
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Wow, it looks great!
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I usually like to leave a more ellaborate comment than simply drool...
but here...
Drool... and keep on drooling
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This needs to be completed! Its awesome!
I love this
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Great composision! i love the reflection of iorn mans gloves on his helm
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Amazing work, u are one the best.
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A sketch? Wow. Your skill are remarkable, even in something labeled a Sketch. Thanks for posting.
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I really like the loose style you have on this one. I know it's just a sketch, but I'm diggin on it
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very cool. i'd love to see it finished
Even your sketches are great. Hope to see more.
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There you go inspiring me again...thanks! I was planning on starting a new peice today, but this cinches it!
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I'd love to see this completed.
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nice! i like the concept, you should definitely finish it
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