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army of darkness cover

By nebezial
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this was a quick spur of the moment cover but still i like how it came thru

oh... and 500 k ... weeeeeeeee
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© 2008 - 2021 nebezial
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Yeeah baby !!
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Can I share this to the Evil Dead the Musical cast FB page? This version of Ash looks SO MUCH like the current actor playing him lol.
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That is amazing!
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This movie was classic and fantastic =D
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Just to inform you, your piece of artwork featured here has been stolen at the following link.


I have reported this incident, but you may want to make a separate claim yourself.
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As a sworn enemy to all the forces of hell,

this is extremely satisfying >: ]
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Unreal! Amazing work, I can't believe you dare to say 'quick' this came out looking great
I forgot to drop the name of the song: Daedarloth´s Brutal Force
Hi nebezial,

may I use your piece of art in a video for a metal song?
Would be very nice!
It would fit 100% my story about a fictive villain.

You could listen to the song if you follow the link below.


I hope I may use it....

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Me: move over, Ken, theres a new savior of the apocalypse.

(Ken from fist of the north star)
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Nicely done!
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I'm reminded of the classic Incredible Hulk cover drawn by Todd McFarlane, where he's reflected in Wolverine's claws. Whether an intended homage or coincidental, I really love it! Powerful image.
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Hail to the king baby!
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That is gorgeous.
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This is awesome!!!
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AWWWWWWW YEAAAAHHHHH! That's some beautiful Ash right there.
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Make this a print. I want it on my wall.
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I love how it looks like a pic of the random knight holding up his sword and stuff, until you realize "No wait, that's not a sword... OMFG, is that Bruce Campbell? WIN!!"
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Shop smart, shop s-mart. You got that!
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