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April 19, 2015
Marked primarily by uses of light and color, nebezial makes for an exciting and visually engaging piece in arkham knight cover. The visible brush strokes are perhaps a digital equivalent to traditional impasto techniques, accentuating the stylistic appeal to the image as well as a myriad of textures and surfaces that can be seen here too.
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Suggested by FallenAngelGM
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arkham knight cover

a recently revealed cover for dc's arkham knight tie in comic.
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© 2015 - 2021 nebezial
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One of THE best DC artworks ever!!!
SO SO Beautifull !!!
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Wicked cool Bats!!! 
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. . . . . .I really should take up stacking the oll comix in boxes again, . . .been 10 years, but I think you may have been that lil shove required . . .

really STRONG work.
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Wow, this is amazing!
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This is a really awesome picture.
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That looked so Amazing and awesome!!!!!!!!!
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You're amazingly talented!
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A person who has favorited this piece of art - NutoneGoose - has doxxed a friend of mine on DA and I'm reaching out to you in case you know him or can ask him to stop.  

He let everyone know exactly how to go about getting her personal contact information in step-by-step instructions.  He let people know exactly what to search and where and what information they would find.  And he did this, knowing that she's already been the victim of doxxing and rape.

I apologize for the intrusion onto your art page and I will delete this as soon as NutoneGoose takes it down (I have no desire to humiliate him), but people are sending actionable threats to rape and murder someone I know and Deviantart is unlikely to take action for at least a few days.  He needs to take the information down.

Can you help?
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Can I spread this comment in my journal?
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I'd rather you didn't, I think.  That was a long time ago.
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But is it resolved though?
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If I were you, I'd be more concerned with this person demanding videos of rape: n0-username
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Yep.  It's a pretty sick kid.

Now they're talking about how they want to kill Brianna and make a video about it
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Batman with a gun?! Shit just got really man. Run baddies, run, because I have a feeling Arkham Asylum's number of returning offenders is going to be taking a steep dive....
duck-norris's avatar
If by "not Batman" you mean not Bruce Wayne underneath, then yes, I know.
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