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angmar.. or... testing some brushes

was making some brushes.. and a bit later found myself doodling the witch king of angmar. apparently he too, like the spanish inquisition was...unexpected...

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Ooh, I really like this concept. I love how the broken crown suggests a face without being too on the nose.

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I think that it might be a bit too soon to joke about the Inquisition.  Maybe not.  It's been nearly a nine hundred years since that started.
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This is amazing work! I approve!!
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A wonderful masterpiece, well done
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Umm? I think he's missing something. 
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LOL'd from description
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That looks so metal!
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Dude.... you are just... .awesome. cant say anymore Im just shocked jejej. Incredible talent.
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I like the empty helmet!
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This is such an awesome and original take on the Witch-King. And it's a beautiful piece! Many thanks for uploading it :) Keep up the good work, you're very talented!
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And this is why you should not wear rings on top of your armour.
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a bit like Riddick's crown/armour once he becomes leader of the Necromongers in the beginning of 'Riddick'.
It's always too early to quit
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Really neat. I like how the only color in the piece comes from his ring. It echoes the way the world must seem to the Ring Wraiths: everything in a gray haze, except for Sauron's burning will drawing them on.

Or something.
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ooh! This is a really cool take on his crown! (I like it way better than the cheesy Peter Jackson version XD)
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Wonderful idea with the brokem helmet crown design, it perfectly invokes to me his undead nature, and the simple fact that despite the Witch-Kings colossal power, he's a broken, twisted soul.
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Hm... This one is great one. I specially like the cracked helmet as a detail. This rocks :headbang:
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Awesome concept. I like the idea of the head. Nice work!
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