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ah stupid ideas...why must you plague me

20 minutes of stupid distractions....
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theninjakid14's avatar
MJ be the best jealous bae ever XD
Redcap909's avatar
how the hell did she spot a blood stain on a red shirt
MOMOpJonny's avatar
What if MJ is pregnant, doesn't know, and her hormonal shifts are causing minor paranoia?
flash600's avatar
that explains everything
MOMOpJonny's avatar
Marvel: It's all connected.
Shellquake's avatar
There's a lesson to be learned from this.
ViolaZierau's avatar
Hahaha, she's just an egocentric Bitch cx
Internet-Cancer's avatar
Once was with a girl who had a thing for blood.
It was interesting.
Kattypopoki's avatar
Calm down girly it's just blood lol
xX-Strangeness-Xx's avatar
I fear a possibility of what she's thinking that red spot could be...
xX-Strangeness-Xx's avatar
Yes, that's the immediate/obvious answer, but what if she thinks it's... something else...?
"Peter, we've talked about your french fry problem. Who's your enabler? Who is she!?!"
TheScorpion0081's avatar
Tony Stark. We went to Burger King.
kenzikenzo's avatar
I love the expressions !
crashbandicootjw's avatar
Thats blood not lipstick Jane lol
gerbill13's avatar
ahh tobad you cant see this in the comic cant anymore
FNAFBonnieBunny626's avatar
You should work for marvel
rosedabull1's avatar
That would be dope!
Jamichumi's avatar
Yeah, it would be a new style of comics drawing 😃
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