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ah fanservice

remember kids, fanfiction is just canon that is yet to come XD

sorry bout taking it down, i noticed a massive fubar i needed to fix XD
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Superwonder is shit
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Smww is shit fuck that couple smww is a shit couple
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Superman and Wonder Woman are trash
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Spidey and Black Cat is my fav! I prefer that over Spidey and MJ
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The image/scene of Spider-Man and the Black Cat would make for stunningly beautiful cover artwork. If only the current continuity reflected this lovely, classic relationship.
Instead of going full on Gwen Stacy all over again with Black Cat just to keep Peter and MJ together(which was also dropped in 15 minutes later)? I guess next time when they'll need to change Peter's love interest, they'll be made to feed on life force of orphan puppies...
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Bahaha. I've fallen into JackiexSara and I can't get up.
as long as i still alive, i still wait for switch.
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You done just gave me a reason to live.
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Otaku-Senpai-artist's avatar! !
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LOL. BTW, I recently walked through a comic book store and saw Sunstone, and I was like "HOLY SHIT! STJEPAN'S PUBLISHED!"
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thank you sir! We do love our fan service.
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Whats Tony Stark so grumpy about?
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That's not Tony Stark.
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Who are the last two??
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Jackie Estacado (The Darkness) and Sara Pezzini (Witchblade).
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