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February 17, 2020
a prework warmup poison ivy by nebezial
Featured by Ellysiumn
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a prework warmup poison ivy

ended up testing some brushes, got carried away anyhow it makes for a nice desktop wallpaper i guess XD

anyhow back to work. got death vigil 2 to make
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lexicon1971's avatar

Warmup!!!?!! You are the angel of art!! This is amazing!!

prodigygirlbatfam's avatar

every time i see one of your works i cry, so pretty ç-ç you're indeed my favorite ilustrator

TimBaril's avatar

This is both incredibly skilled and scary as f@ck. lol

Jim-From-Hell's avatar
browncoat4life's avatar

Your warmups... they make my inner artist run away in shame :D

wortelboer's avatar

Wow!! Why do I love your style so much!

Doctor6969's avatar

Maestro, svaka čast!:heart:

WindySilver's avatar
Congrats on the DD! :)
neurotype's avatar

This actually reminds me of The Yellow Wallpaper, short story by Charlotte Perkins Gilman.

2dazed's avatar
She looks like Milla Jovovich could play her in a movie. 
LindArtz's avatar
Fantastic work! :)!!!

Congratulations on your much deserved, DD! :clap:!!!

shiny-kiyoko's avatar

hi wonderful wonderful pic .... wow ^^ do you have instagram too??? and when yes, whats your name there?? thanks very much kaRo :)

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Eric-S-Huffman's avatar
Re-requesting for my group(s)
starsilver117's avatar

I would love an Isley comic. Ivy is my fav

nio107's avatar
sakuyatogane's avatar
This is really good. Would love an Ivy comic! Your Harleen was the best I have read.
Takes's avatar
Got this as wallpaper for a while and when my hair is a mess my hubby says I look like her, so like wow thanks! I love to be Ivy xD
rabastanlestrange's avatar
I'm not the greatest fan of Poison Ivy around, but this looks waaaaay too pretty to let my personal tastes interfere with my appreciation! Thumbs Up Thumbs Up
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SebvirartZ's avatar
I think this is my absolute favourite Poison Ivy artwork to date. Absolutely fantastic.
HykruPrime's avatar

I love your Ivy

cls22's avatar
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