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a photoshop brushset...enjoy :)

ignore the preview image and hit download. 

enjoy :)

feel free to use them for anything you want commercial, non commercial, whatever, but more than that, if you find some that you like...

study them , examine what makes a brush tick and try recreating them :)

this is something anyone experienced will tell you

the real fun begins when you start making your own brushes :)
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Failed - No file is what I get whenever I try to download 😢

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Hello! Thank you so much! I'm going to test them all and have a lot of fun with them! I tried do start digital again. I don't have photoshop anymore for now but they are compatible with CSP. If you'd rather we use it only on Photoshop, please, let me know, I'll delete them from CSP.

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man, i love sunstone, i love all of your work

now that i know it, i can't live without it

god dammit! write faster! <3

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tks Nebeziel, God Bless you always 
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you are the single best artist i've ever seen in my entire life. and i hope to almighty omnissiah one day i'll be able to reach your level.

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Thank you so mach for sharing! ^_^
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Are you the artist of Sunstone by any chance?
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i knew it!ow!that's cool!two identities!
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Thank you!  Love your work!
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. . . . toooooooooooooooo BIG a file for me.   ( must p.c. upgrade )
----I think this sketch is archtypically good !
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Thank you! I like your work very much!
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*cursing with awe* Maan, this is so kind of you. Thank you, Stjepan Sejic, you are a real inspiration. I watched your youtube videos of catwoman from 3 years ago, and than wanted to know whether you shared those fabolous brushes. And you did! Thank you! :D Ps, that goes without saying, but your art is awesome. Cheers! :D :D
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i was wondering if you figured it out how to make your blender brush to work on the newest versions of photoshop? i'm having some really hard time with it at work, where i need to use the photoshop cs6

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Naturally, I'm using your blender brush again, so here's the painting: The Walking Darkspawn.
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My First brush labeled grommet cuz let's face it: boots are sexy but I'll be damned if I'm drawing every single hole for the laces.
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Fabulous set of brushes, inspirational as all your work. Thank you so much!!!

Used here:…
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Not compatible with Photoshop 7, sadly.
Cheers though
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Omigosh, thank-thank-thank you! They are so useful and great!
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I dont supose you named the brushes did you?
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isn't she from sunstone?
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Yes, but Nebeziel is the creator of Sunstone, so he painted Ally using these brushes!!!
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