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a discarded page from harleen 3

just a fun bit of a look at one of the several changed pages. (unfinished)  i wanted to keep the focus on her at the end of issue 3 instead of  bringing in a lot of other villains into the frame. 
but i'll probably use this in some way in the next storyarc once i get to it :)
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Classic Harley costume is still the best, never should have been changed.

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why do i feel that she is about to pull his pants down but he just keeps on talking like nothing is wrong

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I tried reporting it to Amazon but they just shut me down. Companies are stealing artists' work on slapping it on their crap. Here's your Harley. I doubt they asked for permission. But thought you should know if you didn't already.

Screen Shot 2020-11-23 at 1.08.40 PM
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I prefer Harley's original costume over her recent fashion model iteration. It's much more intimidating, it's a scary look. This is great and I recognize all the villains. Where's Talia, though.
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Never discard good art, never.
Sad that I only recognize five of the bad guys (not counting Mr. J and sexy Harley.)  Then I haven't read a comic in um... 37 years?
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I'm happy Ivy is not in this picture. Because she does not work with the joker at all

Poison Ivy and Joker HATE each other. they just can’t seem to get along

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kinda looks like heath ledgers joker from behind. so cool
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I just saw a copy of Harleen in a comic shop and knew at once it had to be your work. Congrats on getting to make that a reality!

just seen the Harleen official trailer, congrats!

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fantastic stuff as always Stjepan.
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Your work is amazing!
I'm really liking that Bane mask.  Even though my favorite design of the character is from Batman & Robin, I can't wait to see what you'll do with him and the other rogues.
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I love the leather texture! can you suggest any good exercises to practice doing textures? i want to make my practice on the subject more efficient.
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I love Harleen and your artwork!! Just wish there was more. :D (Big Grin) 
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"Harleen" was the best DC comics of 2019. Thanks a lot, really looking forward for more.
i saw this from you a while back

did you take it down?

it looks really good

on this cover i love the contrast on the edges of the jokers hair and harley's hat tails being of the drooping type (a less common variant of her classic harley costume)

question: when harley drives a bike, does she drive a Harley, an Indian, a Yamaha, or a Vespa? (as Vespa became iconic for the Ride of Haruko, it may suit harley as a bike for a zany, but fearsomely competent fighter)
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yeah mostly to minimize confusion of what would and wouldn't make it into the first storyarc :) all of this is actually in the large hardcover bonus content 
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I love this and I love the series.  Beautiful artwork and a great take on her origin.  Great work!

Sir I love your take on Dr. Harleen Quinzel. I wait patiently to see what you do with Dr. Pamela Isley. Will you do more of joker and Harley?

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Just got my copy of Harleen #3 and I'm dying to read it.
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Don`t listen to all these mean comments! I loved Harleen and it was amazing, better than the current Batman run and I always love your art. I brought both covers of each issue because I love your art and your writing!

You wrote Harleen as a shy and nervous but troubled and relatable woman who slowly realizes a man who she shouldn`t love is showing signs he likes her and she falls for his scheme. Classic Joker and I loved how you worked in some of your warm-up sketches into the issue :D

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I absolutely loved the Harleen comic. It was beautiful artwork and an intriguing story. I'm not usually a fan of Harley but your comic made me like her more.

I've love Poison Ivy since I was a little kid so I really hope the Isley comic thing happens.

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