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a bit of a creative process

By nebezial
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funfact, every comic i've ever done starts with stuff like this. simple character moments and lines of dialogue that anchor them in my mind. define them for who they are.
later i find a place for them but till then they are reminders of the people i'm writing. sort of mental anchoring points that summarize the craracter in a way that always gets me back to who they are in a nutshell to do XD
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I love this ! The Essence of Superman.

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This is wonderful, and Superman is underrated as a character. and quite often misunderstood completely.

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When it comes down to it, Kal-El is one really lazy fighter. He mostly relies on his superhuman toughness. He uses little fighting technique and rarely tries to dodge anything. That's what makes it so, ahem, "epic" when he fights something truly on his own level.

And for such a civic-minded guy he seems to totally ignore collateral damage. Those bullets that he's so worried about should be stuck inside disabled weapons! Super-speed, remember?

What-the-Gaff's avatar

I remember that line from Alex Ross' Justice. It was a good line.

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Could he get any more boy-scout-ish?
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And he was never a Boyscout. He never even made it past his first merit badge.
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That... is a fantastic way to approach your writing. Thanks for sharing. :)

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This is what Superman is all about. 
I remember from Superman the Animated Series how an alternate version of him said to the effect that he had always tried to be a good example in the hopes that everyone else would "get it" and be good as well.
This is so Superman.
Nolan has him so wrong, you did great.
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This is so much to the core of Who Superman Really Is that I had to Favorite it.  Thank you.
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mmm superman with heart yummy yes

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This picture, and the dialogue within, is one of those moments that really captures something fundamental about the character of Superman. Bravo. :D
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For as much as I like the drawing and dialogue, what really hit me was your description of how such moments anchor a character into your mind prior to making a comic.
Ben-J-Kirby-Tennyson's avatar
Great line! Perfect for someone like him.
This is why Superman is Superman. 
TheWanderingSlacker's avatar

Wow. Such a simple bit of dialog but so profound.

This single frame is a better depiction of Supermans character then any of the last 4 movies.

Favorite just for your fun fact.
GhostBear3067's avatar
I think the ones which ricochet off him are also a concern.
theSnow2015's avatar

One of the reasons he's the best Superhero! All time favorite!!!

InputJack's avatar
Perfect encapsulation of the real Superman :)
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