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well this officially scratched my superhro itsh for awhile. just messing with an idea of what if everyone had the same costume colors as wolverine XD
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This looks great!
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That certainly would have been an interesting, unexpected twist to Red Dawn.
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Maaan I thought wolverines color scheme was throwback to the old xmen days like, really old. Y'know, to kind of signify that like, he old.
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ufffffffffffffffff ESTA FENOMENAL...............
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they had those color costumes in xmen first class.... andddd... there was no wolverine there. He missed his chance
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And here I thought you'd been watching Red Dawn.
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WOW this is so cool! (although I feel a certain lack of Nightcrawler xC) 
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ahahahaha now that is better :D
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These actually look pretty good on them.
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Did Professor Xavier actually listen to Wolverine on designing the uniforms for the rest of the X-Men?
Amazing !!
I'd love to see you actually work on an X-Men series !!
they pull it of quite nicely
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Keep up the good work, sir.
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the doomedness level of whatever they're attacking is so high, it can't be represented by an actual number
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looks like the first class uniforms
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This wasn't a Red Dawn pun?
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Exactly what came to me on reading "Wolverines!"
Even better, they're all wearing Michigan Wolverine colors.

Probably not intentional on anyone's part, but hey.
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I think it works well. 
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so when yelling this outloud, people will think you yelling "woler penis."
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I love beasts design
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i must say, this is quite badass, i especially love your rendition of Beast, he's my favorite X-Man and you, sir, have done him justice. Excellent work, man!
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