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Switch Issue2

By nebezial
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cipied explanation from issue 1 description

also, issue 1 here
switch complete issue 1 by nebezial

issue 3 here
switch issue 3 by nebezial

i have really grown fond of  this approach to things. i like it when people can read my stuff and then decide whether or not they want to see more of it by supporting the books.

i don't do crowdfunding sites. period!

no kickstarters no patreons. my way is simple. i make comics, i you like the comics and want to read more of them you can support me by buying the comics. 

so... switch. i will be posting every issue here. if this is something you like and want to see continue, it's simple. either buy issues in comic stores, or buy digitally through sites like comixology, or in the end buy trades.

here is the switch comixology link…


hope you like the comic, more to come :)
© 2016 - 2020 nebezial
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Terra-universeHobbyist Traditional Artist
I can't tell you how awesome this is! and the art is so cool!
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lilfixitHobbyist Photographer
Huh...I think I'll want to buy this.
I'm picky about purchases, but I love your art.
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BlackSummerDreamsStudent General Artist
btw the cover page isn't showing at the start of this. . . that might be intentional i don't know i just thought i'd point it out :/
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Most interesting.
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RaptorArtsProfessional Artisan Crafter
WOW!!! Amazing art and Read! :)
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Dragons-DesiresStudent Digital Artist
Hey man! I just wanted you to know, That I love you, and I LOVE Your artwork, especially all of your comics! However, would it be okay if I offered a little critique? 
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LorkarHobbyist Writer
Hahahah i like your approach, no kickstarters or any money-monging sht.
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KingsCrosserStudent General Artist
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LadyGammer9Student Digital Artist
Thanks for doing such a amazing comic hug 
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Is there like a half issue between this and issue one or something. Issue one left off on a skype call, issue two picks up and apparantly there was some kind of huge accident in the streets.
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QuickningProfessional General Artist
Fair enough. Done. Love your work. 
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addictedtopunkHobbyist General Artist
Holy fuck this is so awesome i'd love to have the dollars to pay for it!
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AvaLawsStudent General Artist
Great for a cover.
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UmbrellaFighterStudent General Artist
I love you so much for uploading your wonderful comic for free!!! Life's very tough right now, and beauties like this is all the joy I have (my studies aside) :heart: :heart: :heart:
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ShraznarStudent General Artist
Your comics are printed in that sketchy fashion?
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Thanks so much - now I have to get off my butt and get to comixology and get these - I want more!
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ContraredHobbyist Writer
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richyboy23Hobbyist Artist
The only thing I can say about this is it is AWESOME!
toratamashii0986's avatar
love your work
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byrnstarHobbyist General Artist
"Hell No! All The Nope! "

I want this on a bumper sticker. Better yet, the front/back of a tee. :XD:
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You know, this gives Garfield´s good old "I hate Monday morning" a whole new dimension :XD:
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kanyikoHobbyist Traditional Artist
Urgh, Mondays... >.<
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