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Gitswork in progress gits :)

i haven't forgotten about it :) just decided i would do this at a slower more enjoyable pace so i will be posting stages of progress
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One of the best takes of "Ghost In The Shell" I've seen. I hope for more in future?
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OMG OMG, I would LOVE to see more Ghost in the Shell work from you!  You'd capture it all so well! <3
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And now I can't wait for the final picture


Oh wait... I can. I just don't like waiting.

Got a bit sidetracked there, I usually really like to see artists at work, seeing how things come to be gives the finished piece something even more powerfull. I love this, even it is unfinished (and totally not just because I have a huge and totaly weird crush for a fictional 2d character. XD)
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favorited ! Your process is so far from anything I'd ever attempt. :nuu:
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any updates on it? :/
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love the major :)
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Looking forward to the finished piece whenever you have the time
Looks good, but Stand Alone Complex Motoko smiling like that seems OOC.
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Lookin good so far!
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This is the happiest Motoko I've ever seen. 
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yes~~~!! gits ftw. major kusanagi <3
can´t hardly wait to see it finished *-*
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Damn, looks like it's gonna be great, i already saved a place for it in my wallpapers
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Ghost in shell Online coming soon
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Kusanagi - the sexiest cyborg ever! Please, continue! She looks awesome here.Nyoka la cute lala 
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it looks great, i hope to see the finish work of this pics ;-)
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Ahhh, Motoko Heart 
It looks already great! Clap Nod 
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looking good. Please don't render her dead. :)
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coooooooooool, can't wait to see the finished work, love the face :)
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