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A Tarrasque doodle

By nebezial
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never played dnd...mostly cause i live in croatia. a bit dead on the whole nerd scene.

but i always liked it from afar XD
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Oof, the work on the horns is nice! Love the way you can see the ridge running down the middle and the grooves... very deadly for players :dead:!

By the way, there are lots of people who are in a similar position of not having people around them to play with. If you look around at DnD groups on Facebook and the like, people run games over Discord or on online platforms like Roll20. That way you don't have to be in person and people can still play!

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wow, nice , behemoth from bible
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So cool so cool SO COOOOL!!!!!
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Let me show you the way....go to youtube and look up 'Critical Role.' There are two campaigns. One is finished the other just began. Your choice of which to view but both are GOLD!! (In my opinion anyway, personal preferences may differ.)
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Please get into contact with me, i want to ask you a question about this drawing
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Great work, with excellent detail.
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Nerd up, man!!!   ( ain't that tough a tarrasque, you already accomplished that tarrasque well enough . . . .)
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Heeeey there big guy. Hooow ya doin'? Heh heh hehohgod.

(But really though nicely done, there's a birdlike quality to it, and an odd cuteness that still feels really organic and weirdly believable.)
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So, I say a Tumblr post the other day that said animals will develop spines as a response to much larger predators that can roughly bite them in half. The Tarrasque from D&D, the largest creature in the manuals, is HEAVILY spined. What is it defending itself from?
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You should try it, it's fun. Don't fight the Tarrasque though, it is one of the most dangerous monsters in the game.
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Awesome creature ! Clap :happybounce: 
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...Is it wrong that I want to hug it?
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merry tarrasquemas
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Kind of reminds me of the Shagaru Magala from MH4U. Awesome work!
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Bitch, I want that 4 Christmas!!
Thatz hot as SHITE!!
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I recommend you to watch Critical Role on youtube if you like watching D&D. It is awesome series about professional voice actors playing the game. Although the series is vvveeerry long.
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It's probably a good thing, instead you doodled and became an artist. ;)
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Ah yes, the Tarrasque...

That is the Godzilla of the DnD universe last time I checked.
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coolest turtle eva
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I'll take this as pre-re-hype for Ravine ;)
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Always love how loose your work is while still communicating all the info needed.
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Come up North and we'll have a game!
I'm quite a bit rusty so I would love to get into it again! :-)
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There's a video series where a bunch of voice actors get together and record their dnd games, it's called Critical Role and is by Geek and Sundry. You can find it on their website and I've heard it's really cool. It looks cool to me, but I'm just starting to listen to it.
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