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My Bio

I usually go by Katie, to most people who know me; still, some call me Seta, or Arianna, depending on the company I'm in. One is my legal nickname, the second, a spiritual nickname, while the last is a gaming nickname.

Current Residence: Southeastern Pennsylvania

Favourite Movies
Shrek (I + II), Monsters Inc., Monsters University, 42, Spaceballs, Robin Hood: Men in Tights, Toy Story (I, II + III), Cars (I + II), The Sixth Sense, The Neverending Story, The Last Unicorn...
Favourite TV Shows
Everybody Loves Raymond, Futurama, The Daily Show (with Jon Stewart), The Colbert Report (sometimes), Family Guy (sometimes), American Dad (sometimes), Waiting For God, Are You Being Served?, Keeping Up Appearances, Chef!, Father Ted, Red Green Show...
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
I like songs more so than artists, but: Madonna, Enya, Aeoliah, "Kate the Great", Prince, American Rejects, Rhianna, Charice, v6, Masami Okui, Nobou Uemetsu...
Favourite Books
Dragonriders of Pern, Harperhall Trilogy, The Firebringer Trilogy...
Favourite Writers
Anne McCaffrey, Mercedes Lackey...
Favourite Games
Mainly Play(ed): Final Fantasy (VII, XIII, XII, II, VI, IX, XIII-2; need to play I, III, IV, V, VIII, X (maybe X-2), and console version of XIV. I probably will never play XI.)
Favourite Gaming Platform
I've had or have: Playstation (PS3, PS2, PSP) and Nintendo 3DSi (Regular Size).
Tools of the Trade
Hands and Brain, and the assorted materials to do so, depending on what it is I am making.
Other Interests
Horseback riding, History (Ancient Near/Middle East, mostly), Shopping (too much so...), Sleeping (too much so...), Talking (too much so, at times...), Baking (at times).


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:aww: Thank you very much! :heart:
commented on Horse #1 by
Well, when I made this picture, I was only using the photo from the camera, so... Yeah, small screen. As for the details with the body hair, I admit that the picture did not give that to me. I'll have to get some pictures with another horse. If I knew how, it would be cool to make an 'animal coat' brush (pack) with horse included. Maybe someone already made it; and, I'll have to do some research on all this. About the eye lashes, yeah, they weren't easy, but I wouldn't consider them hard either - at least, not for this picture. I had to do some erasing on the left eye (facing the picture), but other than that, it wasn't too bad. The horse was at an angle that really didn't show much of the eyeballs.
Horse #1
commented on Horse #1 by
You're the second person to mention the eye lashes. ;P I find that kind of interesting (and a bit funny) because I hated the eye lashes, and sort of struggled with them. Thank you for the kind comments though. :aww:

As for the photograph that this drawing was modeled after, I thought it was a better photograph as I was drawing the picture. Then, I got it up on the computer and was surprised to find that it was not as good a picture as I first thought. I am in need of taking pictures of textures (including horses and their coat at different areas - a study, of sorts.)

I will have to get a set of pencils with a larger range of grades. I only have a small set right now - 3H, HB, 2B, 4B, and then 6B. I also need to work on how to control different items when it comes to pencil/graphite drawings (maybe even usable with charcoal and pastels), such as those paper rods with the point on them and different erasers and other such tools.

Again, thank you for the critique! I really do appreciate it! :) This picture is my pride and joy so far. I like how I handled it, overall. I'm not saying it's a perfect piece of work, but I think it's a good show of my skill level and talent. Of course, I need more practice and wish to be even better.
Horse #1
Actually, I have another picture where the deer is so well camouflaged that you only see the head if you really look hard! I was feeling like using that picture, and may still upload it, but, I thought it was a bit too obscure. I thought to mention this about your comment on the deer's visibility in this picture. I thought it was interesting... Anyhow... Sorry for babbling.

I actually fought with the contrast. I see what you're saying, giving it more contrast would make the picture more interesting as well as bring forth the deer, which is the subject of the photo. I found that a high contrast didn't look too good when printed out. Where the light shone on the grass in particular looked way too bright. Of course, on the screen it looked better. I don't know why there was such a difference between screen and print.

As for the deer being in the center of the picture, and that it makes the picture more dull, in your words - I can see this. I think your critique is fair overall; when I took this picture, I didn't think of using it for my portfolio. When the time came to evaluate the photos I took, I thought this was one that could be worked with and would make a nice addition. Thank you for your critique and I will do my best to keep your words in mind when it comes to future projects.
Deer in the Field