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H.O.T.D. (wip)



-I'm not only working on a fantasy action-adventure project these days-

There is also this really cute "High School of the Dead" mini- / arcade styled (doujin-)game I am working on with mr. farraj :iconfarraj: .

High School of the Dot.
It is an exciting, arcade-styled action-maze game - the player has to get to the exit within a short time limit, while avoiding zombies. The player might have to quickly find alternative routes, because obstacles randomly may close your initial route without warning.
The maps' layout is basically similar to the old "Dynablaster" game.

(We are quite far in the process and the game will probably be finished very soon, at least the slim version. : ) )

Correction: The slim / beta version is available for free download! : )
There are still things that need to be added to improve the experience, but it's already quite fun!

Here are some tips, to understand the gameplay mechanics faster. (Since we haven't added a "how to play" page yet )
There are 5 playable characters. Energy-wise they can be classified as 2 types:
A - Are practically immune to enemy collision, but will lose energy when using their attack against the enemy.
B - Should not collide with the enemy or else they will lose energy. But will not lose energy when using their attack.
If your character loses all of their energy, he will respawn after some time, but that will leave you with little time to complete the map.
The TIME limit is the player's worst enemy here. When the counter reaches 0 before you reach the exit, it's game-over.

-> [link] <- beta version download link
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Yaaaay! Congratulations for this project! :la: I just downloaded it and was playing here like crazy hahaha! And the graphics are really cuuute. I'll show the game to my friends and link your deviantart. ^__^ Good job and keep on your amazing work! :heart: