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Please do not post on Tumblr, I post on my own blog here [link]
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this is amazing!
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I can't take a look at so much awesomeness in just one pic. This should be forbidden.

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djkfhshd and you're too nice for one person!
haha, not really. Cool stuff!
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Beautiful, Nico! Your art always amazes me so much! :heart:
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vdkfhsk and your messages always make me smile, Claire ~~ owo
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really nice.. but i dont know batman so well.. could you tell me who are the characters?
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sure thing
top: Batman aka Bruce Wayne, middle: Nightwing aka Dick Grayson, bottom: Robin aka Damian Wayne
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ah wow i had no idea of the relation between batman and robin
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oh boy, it's so complicated, too XD Nightwing used to be robin, but he grew up. He even took over the cowl as Batman at one point, and made Bruce's son Damian robin, but then Bruce came back and is partnered with his son now. That's a VERY simplified version, and skims over the OTHER robins XD
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OMG! lol "other robins" that alone sounds like a frighteningly long story and wow.. just WOW... thanks for taking the time to explain that to me
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