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Quintus Smoke (PAINTING) by Ne-wt Quintus Smoke (PAINTING) by Ne-wt
I like paintings mire than digital drawings, this I have found out
(and I also REALLY love Quintus >w<)
Have some WIP info!:
Quintus's wip info
Name: Quintus
Age: ???
Gender: male (can be changed at will)
Info WIP: Quintus is apart of the ancient five sages. Quintus means "fifth" in Latin, as he is the most powerful and the eldest. Originally his name was Primum, meaning "first" but over time five was seen as a more powerful number.
Quintus will sometimes have brief visions during his sleep, during which he will breath out a smoke, It is usually green (although Quintus may produce smoke when in a deep sleep)
When Quintus is bored or curious, he may travel to the past, or future.
Quintus's favourite time periods are during the Greek and Celtic Ireland times before the plantations began.
Quintus is seen as a sign of good will, and prevented many famines. But as soon as the first plantations began Quintus left the time, although he travels back sometimes. Quintus posed as a family pet for a while during Irish times, to ensure he would be welcomed. The family whom he chose gave him the name cormac, and he will allow his friends to call him such
Personality: Quintus is a figures usually imposed on a loving father, most of the time.
When he wants to he can be as big as an asshole as Dionysius.

Random fact:
He is very fond of glazed doughnuts, but eats them only once a year

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December 12, 2015
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