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Peepers and Primes: The differences by Ne-wt Peepers and Primes: The differences by Ne-wt
Peepers are genetically a sub species of an ancient race called Primes.
Primes are the purest form of Peeper imaginable.
Before the Primes were watered down to what we now know as Peepers, Primes were essentially the most sophisticated species on all of Arandiban. Whilst Primes were building monuments, homes, cities and were figuring out the basics of math, geography and science, humans were still toiling around in caves. Primes despised humans and often referred to them as hairless apes. Unfortunately for Primes, there intelligence had a cap, whereas humans did not. Eventually Primes met their downfall despite Primes intelligence and reign over humans.

Despite peepers being genetic descendants of primes the differences between the two are very apparant. Primes have huge fur cloaks and rims at their shoulders and thicker arms with long claws. They are also taller on average ranging from 8ft-10ft and have wider and bulkier legs and frames. Their heads are thicker and have a more fox like snout. Primes also have their souls outside their body where as peepers are contained within their smoke. The more soul flames a prime has the more ancient and wise it is. Once they surpass 3 they can wear a mask signifying their elder position.

Peepers are slim and have plush like hands that can sometimes end in stone or keratin like claws. Their heads are sloped more steeply and have more fluff on the back of their necks. The fur cloak is also semi inverted and covers their legs. Although the fur usually covers their legs, in very rare cases it can be like a primes except less prominent.
SkyeTheSkyWarrior Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Dood do U make prime customs cuz woa h I LOVE THEM COMPLETLY :0
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Oh how interesting!
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