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Peeper Species Sheet by Ne-wt Peeper Species Sheet by Ne-wt
K so I really hated the old sheet it was v ugly
I will update as I go along!!

Weebly will be updated soon! my internet is just too bad atm

What are Peepers?

Peepers are tall fox-like creatures with magic smoke inside their bodies. When a peeper starts out, they are mainly just a husk without smoke ,Also known as 'childhood hollow'. They spend their entire childhood looking for a suitable object e.g a Stone, marble etc. that they can consume the colour of and absorb the object. When they find the desired amount of objects (usually 1 or 2) they abruptly leave childhood and enter into adulthood. If their objects crack snap etc they will become hollow. They are usually 5-7ft tall and very elusive. They live on what is essentially a second earth, called Arandiban. They avoid humans mostly but if they come into contact they will work for humans as long as they have a good supplies of bright colours. Some peepers will lease out their work or even be raised as companions for people!  

Laws in Arandaban state peepers are equal to humans and this allows them to explore and develop their own sense of the world.

Where do they come from?
Peepers are genetically a sub species of an ancient race called Primes. Primes are the purest form of Peeper imaginable. Before the Primes were watered down to what we now know as Peepers, Primes were essentially the most sophisticated species on all of Arandiban. Whilst Primes were building monuments, homes, cities and were figuring out the basics of math, geography and science, humans were still toiling around in caves.  
Primes despised humans and often referred to them as hairless apes. Unfortunately for Primes, there intelligence had a cap, whereas humans did not. Eventually Primes met their downfall, Despite Primes intelligence and reign over humans. Primes are currently believed to be extinct.

Differences between primes and peepers?
Despite Peepers being genetic descendants of Primes the differences between the two are very apparant. Primes have huge fur cloaks and rims at their shoulders and thicker arms with long claws. They are also taller on average ranging from 8ft-10ft and have wider and bulkier legs and frames. Their heads are thicker and have a more fox like snout. Primes also have their souls outside their body where as peepers are contained within their smoke. The more soul flames a prime has the more ancient and wise it is. Once they surpass 3 they can wear a mask signifying their elder position.

Peepers are slim and have plush like hands that can sometimes end in stone or keratin like claws*. Their heads are sloped more steeply and have more fluff on the back of their necks. The fur cloak is also semi inverted and covers their legs.

* examples: Paws2 by DragonMiner101Peepers hands can end in either stone/keratin like claws or soft plushy fingers!

Their world?
World by DragonMiner101​Arandiban is the home to many many species, including Peepers, Aftia and Jii-Alopes. Arandiban is split into 5 habitable continents. Arime, Condirel, Mecca, Egytpa and Crescent Island. Peepers are usually found in Mecca, but can live in any of the continents!

Arandiban is located in a solar system named Queatantus. Arandiban has 2 moons both of which are visible at night. They are named Ectar and Gury respectively.

Foodstuff by DragonMiner101Instead of eating, peepers absorb the colour from clothing, plants etc. They do this by using a vacuum technique in their smoke glands. After they have absorbed a colour, said colour will turn into a gray-ish colour. For about 1 hour after they've absorbed a colour their smoke will be tinted with that colour. They can still eat, but their main food source is colour. Most peepers will absorb colour form food after they've eaten it, to get the best of both worlds! Some peepers willingly go to human places of dwelling for an easy access of colour. 
Rich humans often keep several peepers as a signification of their wealth.

Haricot by DragonMiner101Peepers also love fish and tend to be near fishing spots! Some 'domesticated' peepers live in cities and towns. Often rural towns have a peeper that hangs around their area. Blue Tailed Haricot are a very popular fish for peepers! Most like to eat them, but some like to keep them as pets! They are quite common but inedible to humans in most cases. They're famous for their angry looking faces

Peeper Traits
Peepers can have any traits, aslong as they are not mutations! mutation sheet will be updated soon

Extra Info
-Life expectancy: 70yrs-150yrs

-Height: 5ft-7ft on average

-Peepers are a strictly bipedal species. They stand on semi circle like paw pads.
Their backs curve inwards in the shoulder and middle back area.

-Peepers ears are almost always stalk like with two buds. Different ears are very rare and listed as mutations.

-Peepers blood is often the same colour as their smoke but not always!

-An average peeper weighs 40-70kg (88-154 pounds) but can be larger or smaller depending on their object, body type, diet etc

Peeper skulls are very similar to dog skulls! peeper skulls are made out of a rare material called geltir  making them very tough and durable. Artificial gelitr is very valuable and is made out of peeper fur which contains small amounts of the substance.

Peeper hands are very similar to humans, with elongated fingers and thickened wrist and forearm bones. Their hands are split into 3 parts that can move individually to assist in grip and movement. ​They have 5 fingers.

Peepers bone structure in the torso is extremely varied and can come in any shape or size depending on  what object they are soulbound to!
Head2 by DragonMiner101 Hand3 by DragonMiner101<da:thumb id="5554606915995014">

that's it for now, I will try add more as I go along!!
Peepers are a closed species by DragonMiner101 , please do not make your own!

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