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Nautipod MYOE {P} by Ne-wt Nautipod MYOE {P} by Ne-wt
Entry to the recent nautipod contest <3
I made my nauti based on one of my fav designs I own, my tiger kasai <3

Basic info:
Name: Akoni (to be worthy)

C-shaped shell (common)
4 tentacles (common)
dark nin eyes (rare)

Personality: Akoni is very easy going, shy but competitive. They have scars on their shell from fighting other nautipods after they mess up his garden plots (he grows flowers around and on his house and even on his shell) and an incident that happened when he was younger. He's a real hermit type! He's very competitive but has low self esteem. He prefers not to plan and just see were the currents take him.
-easy going

Before Akani became the hermit type, they were very adventurous and would often go on expeditions to sunken ships and dangerous areas. He was the kind of nautipod that could be described as a burly guy but a very soft heart. On one particular expedition, They were jumped by a group of people carrying spears (the automated kind). They were trying to poach swordfish but they were about to take anything at this stage.
While the others fled he decided he wanted to out show them all by staying behind and trying to scare off the poachers. He was just as competitive then as he is now. It wasn't a great idea, and he ended up with scars across his shell both on the main and head part. Afterwards he quit exploring. He became shy and secluded, especially because nauti in the new area just knew him as a burly and probably angry explorer who had retired. He noticed flower buds starting to grow were his scars were. soon he started to plant them all near his grotto. Because of his flowery appearance, some people think he is a girl.

a real hermit, but when he isn't loafing around at home or tending to his garden, he likes to go towards the shore and collect small shiny things that people drop! He has a small stack of coins in the corner of his grotto.

He LOVES music. one night when he went towards the shore a bunch of teenagers were having a party, and he could hear the music from far off. Now every second friday he comes too the shore to listen to the music being played their. His favourite song so far is aftermath by caravan palace (even though his favourite genre is jazz)

Akoni was not originally called Akoni, he used to be called Kanari! but when Akoni was very young he saved 2 nautipods from a lobster trap. Akoni didn't find it difficult since he had been studying the people around him, even then, but everyone praised him like a hero. He hasn't told anyone about the incident yet.

He once found a tenor sax in the ocean and tried to play it! He had watched a few bands before but he couldn't get the hang of it. Now it lays in his grotto forgotten under a mass of other collectibles.

nautipods {c} :iconbaratomato:
EmeraldTheWoof Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
such an awesome design!
Ne-wt Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2017
aa tysm <33
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June 22, 2017
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