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Fluff-O-Raptors referance {CLOSED SPECIES}
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These were originally meant to be a MLP species but after a few design fails it evolved into this species

Fluff-O-Raptors are a species that have been tamed by humans beings over a few decades.
Although wild ones still exist they are usually solitary or live in small groups, making finding them extremely hard. OG Raptors are alot more scaly than other raptors due to them being the closest to there ancestors.
all other Raptors are extremely fluffy due to DNA modifications

Adult Raptors can be from 1-5 feet high. They can stand on both hind legs and quarter legs.
Younger Raptors or 'Dwarf raptors' are usually 1-2 feet high. Adults can weigh in at 30 kg whilst younger and dwarf only way 5-15 kg. A very rare type of Raptor called OG Raptors (Original Raptors) can also be found, but only in the wild. 
These are usually 5-7 feet high and way in at about 50-75 kg. They are also the Alphas and usually a group of 2-5 Raptors will follow this kind to ensure protection
Males are slightly larger and a little more colourful to attract females attention and to scare off any unwanted visitors

Fluff-O-Raptors are omnivores, but there main diet consists of small reptiles, mice, insects and small birds.
In autumn and summer they will eat berrys. A delicacy for Raptors are apples.
Rarely a Raptor group may take on a larger animal but this only happens with OG groups, which in itself is very rare. Raptors will refuse any kind of human food except for natural food items

Raptors are usually timid and will run away from any threat, with the exception for OG Raptors, whom, are alot more aggressive. During mating seasons males will make small chirping noises that is incredibly hard for a human to here. The higher the pitch the more attractive the male is to females. Females lay 1-3 eggs and will guard them dangerously. Never approach a nesting female. The group will stay in a small hidden area until the eggs have hatched. It takes the raptors from 6-12 months to fully grow, depending on the class

NOTE: Fluff-O-Raptors are closed and I wont be selling rights anytime soon, meaning you cannot make one without my permission or a paid custom or MYO slot

not available yet,
but will be soon

500 for standard
750 for dwarf 
1000 for OG
extra common traits: no extra cost
uncommon: 25 each
Rare: 50 each
Ultra Rare: 75 each
Custom traits (wings special eyes etc): 100 each
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