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Feathercloak MYO CE by Ne-wt Feathercloak MYO CE by Ne-wt
EDIT: She has ornamental feathers too, I have just forgotten to draw them ;w;
The feathers used are the uncommon straight by her tail!

ahh my first entry ;u;
I love the feather cloak species, so when the MYO contest was announced I was itching to get this done

Name: Silva

Age: ???

Gender: Female (She/Her)

Bio: Silva lived in the forest as long as she could remeber. Living on the resources she found, she made a small 'hut' which she calls her home. She walks around the forest collecting shiny stones, feathers and herbs to decorate her hut. Sometimes, creatures of all shapes and sizes visit her hut for her herbal remedies and 'advice' (NOTE: Silva does not accept responsibility for accidents caused by her advice)
Silva was always the curious type, and often ventured near human villages. The children of the villages always thought she was a dog, or something of the sort, but the adults soon found out and would drive her away.
Silva's pouch was made by Quintus, as a gift for being helpful when he was looking for his ring in her forest.

Personality: Silva is a shy Feathercloak, mischievous, curious but knowledgeable. She's also incredibly clumsy

Hobbies/interests: Silva likes to collect herbs, feathers, and shiny stones in the small pouch across her back.
She particularly likes to enter small villages to play with children, and watch as the people try chase her away
She likes to give'advice' and herbal medecines to patients and others

Feathercloaks are a closed species by @/Mahohaku
contest here :thumb600946970:
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April 6, 2016
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